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The 6 Most Sleep-Depriving Jobs

Yawning at Work

Statements from children that begin with “When I grow up, I want to be…” goes on and on as broad, deep, and wide as the child’s imagination. You yourself might be able to recall those times not too long ago when you had those musings. But no matter which generation a child is from, and regardless of what that child aspires to become someday, this is 100% certain – no child specifically wishes for a job that deprives them of sleep.

That’s even being generous since almost all kids don’t want to be put to bed – not even naptime. All they want to do is play. However, such things change as maturation takes them into a whole new level of appreciating sleep. Whether it’s an extra half an hour in the morning or a five-minute nap, all adults cherish every slumbering moment of snoozing, which is why they don’t mind investing in a quality bed mattress.

Nonetheless, just as sleep and rest is an absolute necessity for human beings, reality hits all of us in the working class like a bus at full speed – working is a necessity.

Silent Hill Nurses

  • Nurse

Working and sleeping are two completely different things done at distinctly different times. Sleep is at night, and working is for the day. However, with shift jobs like being a nurse, the line separating the two starts to fade.

In the business of medicine, lives depend on the active physicians and their respective attendants. Although not everyone in the medicine business are sleep deprived, nurses are compelled to acquiesce to a certain shift – and nocturnal shifts are a sure threat to the sanctity of sleep.

Hot Fuzz

  • Police Officer

Crime never sleeps. And as a result, the law does neither. But in order to keep the law enforced, people like police officers need to be active all the time. With a significant number of crimes carried out at night, the need for police officers remains the same. However, it’s impossible for anyone, even for police officers, to stay awake all the time. That’s why, like any other job, shifts are made even in the deepest and darkest hours of the night when one should be sleeping instead.

Catch Me If You Can

  • Aircraft Pilot

As a segue from air traffic controllers, airplane pilots, especially commercial ones also have it bad in terms of opportunity to sleep. The shifts are irregular, and they can be extremely long. Some flights are 24 hours long. In addition to that, being alert is the main responsibility. After all, the negative consequences could be lethal – literally.

Rhino in The Amazing Spiderman 2

  • Truck Driver

Just like aircraft pilots, truck drivers also have the same amount of responsibility and the less amount of consistency in their sleeping schedule. Being awake and alert are the two most important prerequisites next to having a professional driver’s license, of course. The job of getting the goods to their destination is only next to getting it done safely and promptly.

Night at the Museum

  • Security Guard

The other jobs previously listed are easy compared to this. At least you have to spend a certain amount of time doing something even though it varies in several levels of mundaneness. But being a security guard, especially during the night shift, is absolutely horrible. The responsibility it entails is large, but spending hours just guarding – or simply put, just being there in uniform is surprisingly difficult. It’s all because deep down they realize they could just be sleeping instead.

Combined with stress and other headache-inducing factors, work and being fatigued because of it will make us long for sleep even more. But if your type of work deprives you of sleep even more, it becomes doubly unfortunate, but it’s just as true and real. The compulsion to work is universal, but nonetheless, everyone deserves a decent rest at night.