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7 Great Sleep-Related Films to Enjoy with Friends and Family

Inception Fan Art

Looking for a film to enjoy on Movie Night? Why not try sleep-related flicks this time! To make it even more interesting, let’s make it a little challenging. But how, you might ask? Well, there are countless movies to choose from with themes that center on sleep, dreaming, and the subconscious mind. In fact, we’ve already made a list of ridiculously long movies that will put any insomniac to sleep!

However, many films of this kind tend to be too surreal, disturbing, or horrific for some, causing the younger members of the family to have nightmares as they lay on their bed mattress. So let’s narrow down the list to wholesome flicks everyone in the family can enjoy! Besides, it’s not cool to have your toddler watch gory movies, no matter how entertaining it may be for us adults. Here are seven suggestions, in case you still can’t find any:

Sleeping Beauty

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Let’s start with the most obvious choice. This musical fantasy film is perfect for your kids, although your boys might not enjoy it very much (until the scene with the dragon at least). Adapted from the fairy tale of the same name, it tells of a princess who became the victim of an evil fairy’s curse, and the only thing that can break the spell is true love’s kiss. Filled with magic, funny characters, and music, this is definitely a flick everyone will enjoy.

Inception Still

Inception (2010)

If Sleeping Beauty is the most well-known sleep-related film, then Christopher Nolan’s Inception is definitely the coolest. You’ve probably seen the movie already and dying to watch it again in your home. Action-packed, loaded with an ensemble cast, and rife with Nolan’s vivid imagination, it’s bound to be the highlight of any movie marathon. And you don’t have to worry about your kids watching, since it doesn’t have any violent or sexual scenes that might be too inappropriate for them.

Little Nemo - Adventures in Slumberland

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)

This Japanese-American film is everything that a good sleep-related adventure movie can be. Aside from Nemo and his pet squirrel Icarus, we’ll meet a lot of interesting characters including Princess Camille, Flip, Professor Genius, King Morpheus and many others. The coolest thing about the flick is that Nemo’s escapades occurs entirely in his sleep.


Maleficent (2014)

Check out Disney’s newer version of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. This time the titular character is the protagonist and anti-heroine, while the slumber-induced princess becomes the secondary character. The combination of a few plot changes and twists, really cool special effects, and Angelina Jolie, makes it one of the best films of 2014.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Now here’s the movie that “started it all”, according to the fellas from Disney. This film can make your Movie Night worthwhile, even if it is older than your grandparents. Snow White’s plight, the dwarves’ funny antics, and the wonderful animation (it was the best of its time) makes a very entertaining classic flick that people of all ages can appreciate together.

Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky (2001)

This sci-fi thriller stars Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz, and it is set in New York City, or so we thought. You’ll have to watch it yourself to find out what that means. It’s mildly scary yet engaging all the way, although everything comes to light only near the film’s end.

Source Code

Source Code (2011)

Ever wonder what it feels like to experience the same sequence of events again and again? Watch this movie to find out. Source Code features Sean Fentress, a school teacher who gets to meet a nice girl on a train only to die in an explosion moments later. Afterwards, he wakes up to relive the experience all over again. Later scenes would reveal that there is more than meets the eye.