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8 Animals that Sleep Less than Cramming College Students (Part 1)

It’s 11:30 in the evening and the clock is ticking. The minute digit from the digital clock display on the lower-right hand side of your computer’s display just changed. A minute has passed. It’s gone. It’s lost forever. Like a tiny droplet of rain from the grey clouds, it has fallen. Like that soul-determining grain of sand that trickled down the hourglass, it has vanished.

You wish this was like the game “Prince of Persia” where you could turn back the time (even for just a few hours) in order to slap your procrastinating, lazy self into productivity so that you can at least start that 8-page essay that’s due tomorrow.

But hah! You wish.

Sorry, but I guess like many other cramming college students who delayed their action to the very last possible waking moment (literally), you’re up all night… not to get lucky like Daft Punk, but to cram your “carpe diem-forsaken” essay.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about cute animals! *Yay!* I really hope that if you do have an essay or a paper or any homework to write, DO IT NOW. Just bookmark this post and come back later. Anyway, have you ever wondered which creatures from the animal kingdom naturally sleep less than most living things on earth? They’re all going to be animals in this 2-part series about them, so Arielle and Aquaman can put their own lists to rest for a while.

If there are animals that sleep more than you do in their day-to-day lives, you can be assured that there are animals that can live the life of a cramming college student too in terms of scant hours of slumber in the night. And the most awesome part is that they do it naturally, every single day. Let the list begin.


  • Walruses

I want to begin with this animal because it’s close to my heart. I love the show “Mythbusters”. (Jamie Hyneman reference). Transitioning from sleepy animals in a previous article, walruses can spend 80+ hours awake non-stop. Wow, huh? But how is this a transition? It’s because they make up for it by sleeping for over 19 hours straight in one sitting (or sleeping. I dunno, you decide).

t’s not really a daily thing for them, but it’s amazing to think that 80 hours is over 3 days straight. They’re the ultimate “party animal” (pun intended). It’s not just “Up All Night to Get Lucky,” it’s more like “Up for 3 Days Straight to Get Lucky [Hunting Penguins]”.


  • Ostriches

Although they do not smoke and produce magnificent smoke rings, ostriches remind me of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings because ostriches have the ability to sleep with their eyes open. But in terms of hours, they sleep 6-7 hours per day. Now that’s something even a wizard can’t regularly do unless of course, if Hobbiton is under attack by orcs (if ever that happens).


  • Goats

Take me seriously, I’m not kid-ding (pun intended again, since baby goats are called “kids”). Goats spend only 5-6 hours per day asleep. Maybe it’s because they know they’re easy prey. But whatever the reason is, it’s also fun to note that their muscles never really fully relax even when they’re asleep. That helps them have a fairly quick reaction time to escape and yell weirdly during the chorus of a Taylor Swift song.


Baby Elephant

  • Elephants

I’m sorry to break it to you, but unfortunately, elephants cannot fly. They can, however, stay asleep for only around 4-5 hours per day. Kinda makes you sad considering that Dumbo’s mom spent so much time awake in that cage thinking about her little Dumbo. (Gaaah! The feels T_T)

But that’s definitely not the end yet, my friend. I’m kinda sure that you’re left there wanting more. Stayed tuned for Part 2! But until then, Sweet Dreams!