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8 Animals that Sleep Less than Cramming College Students (Part 2)

Welcome back! I don’t know if you’ve had enough mixed feelings from the introductory article, but whether or not you’ve had enough or you’re still looking for more, I have a lot more right here. I promised 8 animals that sleep less than any “decent” cramming college students, right? Well, I’m here to fulfill my promise. It’d be impolite to leave you guys hanging, so here we go.

If you might refer to ostriches and elephants as “weak” or “noob freshmen” because you yourself can easily last with only 4 to 6 hours of sleep in any day of the week, then I have some news for you. You might want to update the way you label Dumbo and his seemingly sleep-deprived animal friends. I have 4 other animals in this second part of the list to change the way you call the previously-mentioned animals.


  • Cows

Delicious. Well we all know how beef and cows’ milk taste like. Right? Well if you’re vegetarian, I’ll just remind you that they taste great. It’s a common cuisine in every part of the globe, and it’s scientifically proven that beef is indeed, scrumptious. But have you ever given thought of how much they’ve stayed awake just to keep growing to provide the beef and milk your daily appetite requires?

Well, to put it simply, they sleep only in irregular naps throughout the day which add to only 4 hours per day. How about that? Your next bite of burrito might not be looked at the same way considering how seemingly sleep-deprived that delicious hunk of protein used to be.


  • Sheep

This animal is very close to my heart because I sort of relate to them in a symbolic sort of way. It’s also funny how sheep barely “count sheep” (pun intended, of course). For some odd reason, “counting sheep” has always been the figurative code of going to sleep. “To hit the hay” is also commonly used.

I don’t know with you, but it’s starting to seem as if farm language is so closely related with sleep – it’s ironic because farm animals like goats and cows and sheep barely sleep! For instance, sheep only sleep for about 4-5 hours every day. They also know that mutton tastes good, that’s why they’re trying to spend more time awake than their predators. Unfortunately for them, mutton is tasty enough and wool is a fabric comfortable and useful enough to keep sheep on the farms. Oh well.


  • Donkey

I admire their hard-work. It’s amazing how these animals seem to exist for the sole purpose of carrying burdens and being (wait for it…) “pack-mules.” *BA-DMM-TSS.* It makes one admire them even more when you find out how much they spend per day awake and active. It just really seems like they’re made for working, and they’re well aware of it. I mean, why else would they be stubborn? Ever heard the term “stubborn as a mule?”

Well maybe they should also use donkeys and mules in the same expression when referring to apparent sleep-deprivation because donkeys only sleep for 3 hours every single day. Makes you think huh? I mean, how productive and diligent are you compared to a donkey? I guess being called an “ass” is kind of a compliment.


  • Roe Deer

I don’t know what the first thing is that comes in your mind, but it seems that we need another animated character in here. Yup, I’m talking about Bambi. Pack your bags and grab your pocket money, because we’re taking a school bus on a “feels-trip” (pun of field trip). Sorry, I had to explain that pun. But it’s worth it.

Bambi’s kind are often hunted, that’s why something in how they were wired causes them to sleep for only about 3 hours every day, like donkeys. They usually go at twilight to skip and frolic and get food, and they spend the 21 remaining hours of the day to be wary and basically just avoid death. That’s why they’re so easily frightened.

Well, doesn’t matter how they are, but Bambi and deer in general are just cute and awesome. They’re like Pokémon. They just evolve from cuteness to epic-ness. But that’s not even their final form.

There are a lot of seemingly sleep-deprived animals in the animal kingdom, but these are the familiar ones that stand out. However, if you’re a sleep-deprived college student or employee, that doesn’t change the fact that you need good sleeping habits. It’s what you need and deserve. That’s what we believe in URATEX, and we’re trying to make a better place by making sure that you have what you need and deserve. Sweet Dreams!