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8 Haunted Bedrooms that could Give Freddy Krueger Nightmares

Haunted Bedroom

Sharing a bed mattress with a ghost is a prospect you probably aren’t excited about. For one thing, nobody likes to be watched while they sleep, especially not by people who aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. That scenario is just an exorcism waiting to happen. Yikes!

Ghosts and ghouls are also known to cause disturbing noises; you’d won’t be able to sleep a wink with the ruckus they’re causing – and that’s assuming that you’re not trembling in fear! Nobody wants to spend their nights at haunted bedrooms, but since Halloween is just around the corner, it wouldn’t hurt taking a look at bedrooms that are a nightmare in itself.

1, 2 Freddy's Coming for you

The White House’s Lincoln Bedroom (U.S.)

The White house is as iconic as it is haunted, and spirits of several previous presidents are rumored to roam the place. The most popular of these ghosts belonged to none other than Abraham Lincoln himself. Lincoln’s spirit is reported to haunt his previous bedroom and other parts of the house. Winston Churchill refused to sleep in the room after encountering the ghost after taking a bath. Other accounts tell of how the room would suddenly grow cold as the lights turn themselves on inexplicably.

The Amityville House Bedroom (U.S.)

Home of the DeFeo family, this house witnessed the deaths of six family members by the hands of one of their own, the eldest son Ronald DeFeo Jr., who eventually confessed to the crime and be convicted by the authorities. The Lutz family lived in the house a year later but moved out abruptly after allegedly being terrorized by a series of paranormal activity that occurred during their stay.

3, 4 Better Lock your Door

The Laperal White House Bedroom (Philippines)

Built in 1920, the house originally belonged to the Laperal family. It was garrisoned by the Japanese during World War 2 and it was reported that numerous tortures and killings occurred there. The family patriarch, Don Roberto, died there after accidentally falling down the stairs. There are also rumors circulating about a little girl who got run over while crossing the street and a nanny who got killed in the house. Eyewitnesses have claimed to have seen this nanny looking from the window of her former bedroom.

Tiaong Haunted House (Philippines)

Built in 1927 and inspired by Thomas Mapua architectural design, this is one of the oldest houses in Tiaong, Quezon Province. It features a garden with a fountain and a sculpture of Jose Rizal’s book character Elias subduing a crocodile. The house also happens to host a lot of headless people, including some Japanese soldiers and an elderly couple wearing nothing but white. On top of all that, an old lady in white is reported to prowl the bedrooms and whisper to children.

5, 6 Grab your Crucifix

The Höfði Bedroom (Iceland)

This house in northern Reykjavík is well-known today as the venue where the former presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev of the former U.S.S.R. held a summit meeting to end the Cold War. Despite its historical significance, local legends continue to haunt the Höfði. One popular tale suggest that it was built on a former ancient Viking burial ground while another legend claims that the house is inhabited by the spirit of a woman who either drowned or committed suicide.

Edinburg Castle Bedchamber (Scotland)

Edinburg Castle has always been considered as one of the ten most haunted castles in the world. For starters, this was where Janet Douglas (also known as the Lady Glamis) was imprisoned after the king accused her of witchcraft in 1537. She would later be burned at the stake on the castle’s esplanade, unwillingly witnessed by her son. There were also tales about a headless drummer roaming about the castle in 1650 and a ghostly dog running around the graveyard.

7, 8 Gonna Stay Up Late

Room 308 in Hotel Pelabuhan Ratu (Indonesia)

Legend has it that this hotel room in Pelabuhan Ratu is especially reserved for Nyai Loro Kidul, the Goddess of the South Seas. It’s said that she lures fishermen and anyone who ventures into the waters, bringing them to her domain under the ocean. As she prefers anyone wearing green, people are advised not to wear clothes of that color while swimming. Incidents of drowning or being lost at sea are often attributed to the goddess.

Ryugyong Hotel Room (North Korea)

The yet-unfinished hotel can be seen in two ways: as a pinnacle of North Korea’s power or just another monument to its dictator’s madness. Construction of this building began in 1987 and if it was completed, it would have been the tallest hotel in the world at the time. However, building progress was halted in 1992 due to famine and economic crisis in the country; the building remained abandoned until 2008. The Ryugyong Hotel has 3000 (some say 7000) guest rooms, all exhibiting a malevolent aura as well as an uninhabitable interior that would ward off both the living and the dead alike.