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8 Tips on How Haggard College Students can Sneak Sleep into their Schedule (Part 2)

Haggard College Student

Welcome back to the next part of this series that I know some of you guys need to apply quite badly. That was fast, wasn’t it? I don’t know when you read Part 1, but it’s just like marathoning a whole season of How I et Your Mother after you’ve acquired all the episodes of a season from the internet.

All the parts are available for you, but it’s up to you to “digest” it all down. I’m not gonna break down the momentum of this series, because I know not a lot of people (especially college students) have a lot of time to do school work (and look at memes), but you get the point. So here we go again.

  • Set apart a fixed time for sleeping

A lot of “sacred things” are kind of set apart from whatever they’re contrasted to. The sad thing is, in this day and age, the lines that separate “what should be” and “what shouldn’t” are being blurred. Even in sleep.

It’s common in college. A lot of compromises are made – things that sometimes deter things for the worse. It’s pretty much just sleep vs. academics, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the best of both worlds. The key to balancing sleep and academics is to separate a fixed time for sleeping. Alarms and reminders aren’t just for waking up, you know.

It’s vital to also sleep (or at least be lying on your bed) at the same time or hour every night. That’s one of the most basic yet fastest way to earn yourself a healthy regular sleeping habit. No matter what class you have. Assignments, homework, test, and projects are an irksome variable, but time management gets it done. It’s difficult, but not impossible. You can do it.

Video Games

  • Set aside videogames

Nothing is wrong with videogames. It’s awesome. But in stark contrast, you know what’s not awesome? Well, aside from the seemingly “never-to-come” status of Half Life 3, what sucks is having bad grades, or worse – getting dropped out due to having such low grades.

You can’t think of it as “escalating quickly,” but don’t forget we’re talking about sleep here. Sleep is as awesome as video-gaming. If only life is like Skyrim where you can choose exactly how long you’d sleep, but no. Sorry, “IRL” (In Real Life), you gotta do things yourself.

  • Set aside social media

Is this familiar to appear in the Facebook or Twitter feed: — “I can’t sleep, I have a test tomorrow (later) in 6 hours. Ugh.” It can be something like that, but you get the point.

You can be in college or high school, or any school for that matter and be stressed and robbed of your sleep by sleep thieves like social media. The thing about taking away sleep from your eyes is the “being hooked” part of social media. I mean, I’m sure you know that social media isn’t wrong at all, but there are times that it can take away precious sleep that you both need and deserve.

I know, I know. I sound like a mom, but actually, it’s so true. You might not feel the ramifications and consequences of being sleep-deprived yet, but as the years add up on your body (and your face), you can see the power of sleep deprivation. So, onward now to the next article!