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9 Cool Bed Designs you can Build from Recyclables

Recycled Bed Frame

We all know that the Senso Memory Mattress is the ultimate place for slumber, but it’s also fun to build an extra bed made from your creativity, perseverance and imagination. Believe it or not, some of the best materials you can use when constructing bed frames come from recycled goods. And though the stuff may look like junk at first, a little resourcefulness and some skills can turn it into something elegant and useful. Here are 9 cool designs to spark your imagination.

Cardboard Bed

Antoinette Bader’s Carton Bed

Designed by Antoinette Bader, this compact carton bed can be folded to conform to the size of your foam bed. It can even be compressed to the size of a stool! This cardboard frame also has laminations on its sides that somewhat decorates the bed whenever in use.

Honeycomb Cardboard Bed Frame

From the creative minds of certain New York students comes this cost-efficient designs that serves as the bed’s base. But aside from supporting the mattress, the honeycomb cardboard can also be used to display figurines as well as lift heavy things like speakers.

Portable Eco Friendly Cardboard Bed

This bed frame is simple, easy to set up and is sturdy enough to support both mattress and user despite its lightweight cardboard material. The cardboard is 7mm thick and has two lengths of webbing as balance. The best part is that there’s zero hassle in moving it from place to place, making it ideal for frequent movers and for those who practice feng shui.

Stacked Pallet Bed

Multi Stack Wooden Pallet Bed

Wood pallet is one of the best known recyclable materials used in designing bed frames. In this particular model, more than one pallet has been placed on top of each other to create a sturdy support for the mattress, with some minor hammer and nail use. The chutes in between the wood serve as magazine and shoe racks. Some designers even add pallet head boards!

Shipping Pallet Toddler Bed

Designed by Lori Danelle, this crafty creation is simply one of the cutest children’s bed you’ll ever see. You might even be tempted to make a similar one for yourself! This delightful design comes from two shipping pallets, cut and pieced together to give it its cozy look.

Beer Barrel Bed

If ever you’re travelling to Europe and happen to pass through Ostbevern near the borders of Germany and the Netherlands, try visiting the Beverland Hotel and get to enjoy their barrel beds. The barrels came from a regional brewery Pott’s which was in use from the 19th century until about 1995. You can even visit the brewery itself and ask if there are still barrels for sale – just in case.

Pallet Bed

Two-in-One Pallet Bed and Side Table

If the wooden pallets you’re stacking up is too wide for the mattress, you can simply use the extra space as a side table. Some go the extra mile and cut out some of the extra pallet to make the side table more distinct. Others just leave it as it is. Either way, it makes a really fancy bedroom piece.

Tennis Ball Airbed

Dubbed “Flotabol” by its creators from the Tec de Monterrey campus in Mexico, this bed is made from recycled tennis balls which are arranged in rows. Covered in plastic to make it waterproof, the balls are strung up together tightly, fiving it it’s “floatability” aspect”. A very unorthodox choice of recycled materials, but it’s still an awesome idea.

Bed of Nails

Yes, it’s really a bed made with nails! Initially intended as a work of art, this bed features ground nails on top of a wooden base that is cut, smoothed, and scorched. The result is a furniture that serves both as a bench and as a bed, with elegant ripples and curves. Believe it or not, it’s actually a very comfortable even without an additional mattress.