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9 Couple’s Sleeping Positions and their Hidden Meanings

Sleeping positions done by couples on their bed mattress vary from one case to another, and each has a different meaning. If you want to know (assuming you’re not single) how things are with your significant other just by the way the two of you you sleep, check out these few examples:

bed mattress 12Romantic

The romantic sleeping position is often done by couples who either just started their relationship or just had a really big fight. Only 1% of all couples do this, with the rest tiring of it soon enough and opting for more comfortable bed poses. You’ve probably seen it done already; it’s showcased in countless films. The guy is lying on his back while the girl is at his side with her head resting on top of her man’s arm or chest.

bed mattress 14 Spoon (Male)

When the guy spoons the girl during bedtime, it indicates his desire to extend his protection over her as well as exert his authority over her. He does this for lots of reasons, but mainly because he wants to show off his alpha male security. Like the romantic position, most couples do this only during their relationship’s onset.

bed mattress 15Spoon (Female)

Females also have an innate need to protect and to leash her male partner every once in a while, too. So they also spoon their men from time to time, wrapping them in their arms during sleeping period. Aside from satisfying their needs, it also shows the lady’s sexuality.

bed mattress 16Cherish

In the cherish position, the guy and girl are facing opposite directions and their backs are touching. This indicates how well the start of their relationship is. And it shows that the couple is relaxed around each other while also alerting the other his or her need for intimacy.

bed mattress 17Liberty

The back-to-back liberty position is similar to the cherish position, except that the couple’s backs aren’t touching. This indicates the couple’s independence from each other, though it doesn’t mean they aren’t emotionally connected. In fact, couples who enjoy this sleeping position have been together for quite long and have already developed a deeper level of intimacy over time.

bed mattress 18Hero

In this sleeping position, the guy poses like Superman while asleep and the girl is quite content to choose between being his sidekick or his damsel-in-distress. It’s somewhat explanatory who always gets his way in the relationship, isn’t it?


bed mattress 19Heroine

But just because some guys act dominantly in relationships doesn’t mean girls don’t! In fact, there are lots of relationships that work out with the girl as Wonder Woman and the guy as the thankful rescued citizen. It can definitely show in the heroine sleeping position.

bed mattress 20Pillow Talk

The pillow talk sleeping position is somewhat the exact opposite of the liberty position. The partners are facing each other while catching Zzz’s as if trying to communicate silently with each other. This indicates that they do need to talk to each other, since they subconsciously manifest the desire.

bed mattress 21Lover’s Knot

This is every couple’s dream sleeping position, where they don’t mind being intertwined in each other’s arms and legs during bedtime. It indicates intimacy, dependence, and romance all in one go!


Believe it or not, that time you spend on your bed mattress with your partner says a lot about your relationship. Just look at how their body language while snoozing away and you’ll know what we mean!