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9 Flowers in Dr. Bach’s List That Claims to Help You Doze Off

senso memory mattress 19Introduced by English homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, the Bach Flower Therapy is a form of aromatherapy, which aims to better one’s emotional and spiritual conditions and in turn result in a good and healthy sleep. So the next time you still feel restless on your comfy Senso Memory mattress despite doing every sleep-inducing tricks you know, then you might as well try out this one. Who knows? Maybe it’ll help you doze off in a jiffy! Listed below are just some of the blooms included in Bach’s 33 flower remedies that might help you prep yourself up for a good night’s rest.


According to Dr. Bach, certain people have a hard time dozing off because of some inexplicable fear for a yet-to-be-known thing, coming to them as a sense of foreboding The only way to put this fear to rest is by inhaling the essence of aspen flowers.

senso memory mattress 15Crab Apple

The dislike people have towards some aspects about themselves can result in self-hatred that can leave them sleepless for countless nights. Thankfully, the crab apple flower provides a cleansing remedy for that.


If you can’t sleep due to worry about that ever-mounting responsibility you need to carry on your shoulders the next day, try inhaling the aroma of elm flowers. They can help dispel your fear of failure and bring back your confidence to face the challenges that might come your way.

senso memory mattress 16Gentian

If you can’t doze off because you fear that things might go wrong, brew some gentian flowers in a mixture of water and brandy. Dr Bach said that it can alleviate mild downheartedness that usually comes with failure.


While aspen flowers are good for reducing your fear of the unknown, mimulus are perfect for alleviating your fears for the known. It helps bring out your hidden courage and strength, allowing you to look past your anxiety and relax before bedtime.

senso memory mattress 17 Olive

What if you can’t sleep because you fear for the well-being of others instead of your own? Dr. Bach has one remedy for that kind of fear: olive buds! According to the homeopath, it can reduce your fears for the safety of your loved ones.


What if the reason you’re having trouble getting some shut-eyes isn’t because of this and that fear of something? What if it’s because of guilt? Well, Dr. Bach said that inhaling the aroma of Pine flowers can do the trick!

senso memory mattress 18Rock Rose

Is your sleep life suffering from nighttime terrors? Then a good alternative to those awful tasting medicine would be the essence of rock rose buds. According to Dr. Bach, it serves as a remedy against terror.

Star of Bethlehem

If you can’t sleep due to shock at something that might’ve happened during the day, then you should boil a few Star of Bethlehem petals into your concoction of water and brandy. Dr. Bach said it can help remove the aftereffects of shock.

Take note that Dr. Bach’s Flower remedies are in the category of contemporary or alternative medicine; it has no scientific back-up or proven therapeutic claim. So better consult with your doctor first before trying out this aromatherapy.