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9 Romantic Gestures to Give your Significant other a Wonderful Morning

Breakfast in Bed

It’s easy to profess one’s affection to someone, especially if you know that that person you’re professing to will appreciate it. It’s easy to claim that you have a respectable level of love for a person, but what really counts is the reality and truth that backs it up.

Now, truth isn’t something that anyone tangibly experiences, that’s why the validity of an expression takes on the form of gestures or actions. That’s more convincing that just being known that you are loved. Romantic gestures are a sure way to win over the heart of your significant other again and again.

One of the best times to do it is in the morning since nothing uplifts a person more than a positive start. Here are 9 simple romantic gestures to give your loved one a wonderful morning.

  • Breakfast in Bed

Your significant other will love breakfast in bed. I mean, who doesn’t? Right? Nothing expresses love and care like actual physical nourishment. It’s a pleasant surprise and it’s really romantic considering that it’s not easy to wake up earlier than usual and cook a meal and serve it to your loved one. But, once you see how much your partner appreciates your gestures, you’ll instantly realize that all effort was more than worth it.

Man Giving Flower

  • Surprise Flowers

This is a nice tip especially for guys who want to be extra sweet to their special someone. Flowers are a really special medium for expressing love and admiration, so imagine cheering someone up by greeting them a “good morning” with an adorable twist of floral love. That’ll surely be nice.

  • A Song Number

This is something that can be done both for fun and to convey romantic sentiment. The first thing you have to remember is that a sweet serenade needs a good timing. One might think that this is no different from an annoying alarm clock, but remember that you can do this a minute or two after your partner has awaken from her slumber.

Can’t you envision it? Allow me to be of assistance. With a guitar ready, sit on the foam next to where your partner is lying down. When she wakes up, start strumming a tune and humming the melody of your song choice.

Can’t think of a song right now? We suggest Ben Rector’s “I Like You”.

  • A Personal Poem

Although similar to the previous point, this is something that people who aren’t that musically inclined are more able to do. It can be a personalized “Roses are red, violets are blue” type of personalized poetry, and it can also be completely original. This will definitely show your effort and, hopefully, reap appreciation and love.

  • Hug / Kiss

Sometimes, it’s better to keep things simple. You can go to extreme measures to declare, express, and prove your love, but sometimes, it’s better to go back to basics. Personal gestures of physical affection have a sure way of reaching its intended goal. After all, hugs and kisses are pretty elementary and easy to understand, right? Simple romance yet profound.

Man Giving Massage

  • Massage

Everybody loves massages. Oftentimes, nights may be full of deep sleep, but still lacking in comfort. So what better way is there but to give a nice soothing massage to give your loved one a wonderful morning. Aside from starting the day refreshed, it’s also awesome to start it soothed.

  • Chores

This might not be a very popular option, but it’s still an available option nonetheless. This is especially effective if you’re not the type that does stuff around your living space.

Imagine your significant loved one waking up to see how much neater and cleaner the rooms of the house have “magically” become overnight. That’s something more effective than a hug and a kiss for some people. Trust me.

  • Words of Encouragement

Now, words of encouragement might seem lame or effortless to some, but surprisingly, a lot of people need it. Since you know your significant other more than anyone else, you know what he or she is going through. That’s why a simple bit of encouragement will get them going by having their day started right.

  • A present

This can more plausibly happen on birthdays, but it’s not only confined to that. It doesn’t have to be something over the top, but I can assure you that having your loved one open up a present first thing in the morning and seeing the joy in their faces is just as rewarding for you as it is for them.

As you see, there are many ways to start with a wonderful morning. You can do it to cheer yourself up, improve the way you start your day, and you can do it to others as well. It’s nice to be selfless and considerate every now and then. If you’re in a relationship, those little things will go a long way. Enjoy yourselves!