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The Absolute Ultimate of Funny Sleeping Position Compilations

Sleep is always the best part of the day! That is the single greatest, most everlasting secret of life that science unraveled! However, until only recently, the process of sleeping has been known only to family, friends and the people who are in love. With today’s technology that has all changed! Your most sacred resting hours can now be documented and posted online for everyone else to appreciate… or laugh at!

With all the hype in posting pictures of sleeping humans and animals online, rumors of the different sleeping positions that man and beast have mastered just to get to dreamland have become widespread! It has also been discovered that having a good night’s rest require a cushion, foam or anything soft to be effective! All you need is the right sleeping position! And that’s exactly what we are going to show you!

Here are the funniest sleeping positions in the entire cyberspace of the internet! Have fun!

Funny Cat Sleep Position

But I have to finish… Awww, screw it!

1) The Screen Protector

It’s not every day that we have to finish a life changing term paper, a career boosting business presentation or an awe inspiring article (such as this one), but when we do, our computer screens become the most comfortable place for Booger the kitty cat to have a nap on.

Sleeping Monkey

That which does not kill us makes us… ooh banana!

2) The Shaolin Monk—ey

There are 2 rules to achieving this sleeping position:  One, be a Shaolin Master and two, a monkey. Now given that we are all number twos already…

Funny Dog Sleep Position

3) The Reverse Plank Position

What can I say, everyone loves planking!

Sleeping Dogs

Still a better love story than….

4) The Tango Partners

All step up movies combined will never have anything on this! The Tango Partners position only works if you are cute and cuddly and are blessed with a partner. No, you’re not.

Sleeping Cat

Oh Sasuke…purrrr!

5) The Otaku

The Otaku Sleeping position is only applicable to manga lovers, anime lovers, cosplay lovers and cats!

Sleeping Cat

Can’t get enough… ugghh!

6) Omnomnom Z3x

The Omnomnom Z3x requires a lot of catnip!

Sleeping Dog

No parents tonight! Woof! Woof!

7) The Nut-scratcher

There is no better feeling after a hard day’s work other than just lying on your couch and falling fast asleep while scratching away at your nuts. It works for all male species.

Sleeping Dog

Sleeping no-jutsu!

8) Reverse Planking – Floor Edition

Planking may have been old news for human beings, but for dogs it’s the newest and hippest trend! And they take it a hell of a lot more seriously than us! They even take it to their sleep!

Cute Cat Sleeping

I am not cute; I am ruler of mankind…

9) On Top of the World

Being on top of the world does not get any more romantic than Titanic’s Jack and Rose scene. Really, it doesn’t.

Cute Cat Sleeping

Oh stop it you! :>

10) The Beauty Queen

Every girl dreams of being a beauty queen and owning a tiara. Mostly though, it’s just about the tiara. Because beauty is on the inside, right?

Sleeping Dog

I has no clue what I’m doing!

11)  The Twerk – Dog Style

2013 has somehow made known to mankind something crucially important to its existence: the twerk. Hell, there’s even a twerk team (seriously). Surely you have come across a video of a girl (rarely a guy but there are also those out there) shaking her bottom repeatedly in an upward and downward manner giving men shivers of delight and sometimes unresolvable anger issues with what the world has become. As we all know, dogs are never slow to catch up on the latest trends. They even practice in their sleep!

Cute Cat Sleeping

I haz to be the cutest kitten evar!

12) The Paw and Tail

This sleeping position only works for kitty cat over here. Why the exclusivity, you ask? Because kitty cat here invented it that’s why! And it’s just so adoraaaaaable I could curse in seven languages and the Amish wouldn’t mind!

Cute Cat Sleeping

Cute Cat Sleeping

13) The Thinker

Kids nowadays are born not knowing what it’s like to have a good ol’ book as something fun! But not for kiddo over here! His sleeping position is inspired by the greatest thinkers in human history themselves: the Greeks!

Cute Baby Sleeping

Don’t punk with me boy!

14) The PinkMafia

Pink is the new black for punk rockers!

Funny Sleeping Position

Man, growing up sucks!

15) Skoolz is sukz!

This sleeping position is very popular among kids in school. Be it toddlersor senior high school students, school will always suck. Especially I you’ve spent the whole of last night drinking… milk! That’ll just leave you sleepy!

Funny Sleeping Position

I love you this big!

16) The Single Child

There are children born without brothers or sisters who wish they had one to share their bed with. For everyone else, the Single Child sleeping position is just dope!

Cute Baby Sleeping

I am most deadly when I am asleep!

17) The Karate Chop

The Karate Chop sleeping position is effective against monsters, aliens, and kidnappers! Until you wake up, that is.

Funny Sleeping Position

All I want for Christmas is a Pony… and a Ps4!

18) The Worshiper

Ever just feel so guilty about sleeping? It does happen, especially when you were supposed to be doing something important or meaningful with your life and yet you chose to doze off. Worry not, dear friend! The next time you are in this dilemma just do the Worshiper sleeping position and you’ll feel fine, exuberant even! Unfortunately, so will the person who will be taking over your job!

Weird Sleeping Position

Pew! Pew! The sound of your death is just so… boring.

19) The Standard Definition Sleeper

Who needs an HD television set when you have an SD one which you can literally sleep on! Do not try this if you are above the age of 3 or over 20lbs!

Funny Sleeping Position

Just look, how is that comfortable?

20) The Uncomfy

The Uncomfy sleeping position varies in many different ways. You will only know you were in one after you wake up with a painful neck, leg, arm, ear or whatever! However, if you are a baby, well you have more bones to spare anyway!

Funny Sleeping Position

Now, this is why we really get fat!

21) The Comfort Food

The Comfort Food sleeping position can be taken literally. Sleeping on a piece of bread, now life doesn’t get any better than that! Well, maybe with a little butter…

Funny Sleeping Position

I got this…

22) Floor Mop

Keep calm and go to bed. Or the floor, that’ll do too.

Weird Sleeping Position

Take that, Picasso!

23) The Art Student

There are some gifted with the skill of artistry. Others use it to project their motions, while others for the greater good of mankind. And then there’s this guy. I applaud his effort the most though! This sleeping technique will surely ‘see’ him through college!

Funny Sleeping Position

Trust me, I’m an engineer!

24) The Engineer Student

Another excellent example of uncanny skill being utilized to its fullest potential is the Engineer Student sleeping position. Well, you gotta trust the engineers!

Weird Sleeping Position

Seriously, what the hell?

25) The Cross-dresser

I really don’t know what’s going on here and I think I would rather keep it that way. Whatever thousand words lie behind the significance of this image, I don’t care.

Weird Sleeping Position

Nobody Cares 🙁

26) The Homeless

If you have ever owned a key in your life then you have probably already tried this sleeping position. Realizing that you don’t have your keys to your home after a grueling night of working overtime makes you just want to give up on whatever good things life has to offer. Before doing anything irrational though, have a nap on the streets of your neighborhood. Who knows, you might like it!

Funny Sleeping Position

Maybe this guy should just give up.

27) Chasing Pavements

Drunk and can’t figure out where you live? Try this sleeping position! It’s very simple and will surely sober you up when you wake up!

Funny Sleeping Position

I am a hot dancer trapped in this figure!

28) The Contortionist

There are different ways of living out our innermost dreams. Most people lay quietly in their beds softly snoring as they live out their dreams in dreamland. For the Contortionist sleeper, however, no dream is just a dream!

Forever Alone Sleeping Position

I love you too, pillow-man!

29) The Forever Alone

Who needs a relationship when you got a pillow friend! Can you hug your relationship?! I don’t think so! And pillows do not snore!

Weird Sleeping Position

Now about that movie I wanted to make…

30) The Wire Sleeper

This sleeping technique takes decades, centuries and even millennia to master! Its secrets have been passed down from generation to generation from grandfather to grandfather. They say when you see a wire sleeper, you should run!