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Achieving Work-Life Balance: 5 Jobs that Allow you to Sleep on Time

Happy Worker

Work is a very important part of the structure of society. On it hinges the productivity, economy, efficiency, and impact of a nation. Those little bits of work hours from millions and millions of employees are what fuels modern human civilization. But viewing it from an ordinary working person’s point of view, you tend to be carried away from looking at the big picture to the simple things.

That usually means the little factors that affect your work like the way your alarm clock is set, how comfortable your foam mattress is, what kind of sheets you have, the food you eat, and the way you sleep. And there’s no shame in that. The little things put together are what make things big.

In this modern day and age, the demand for productivity and output is increasingly incessant. There’s more demand, but one thing never changes – there are 24 hours in a day and the average human being needs at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep within it in order to function properly and healthily. The worst thing to have in an industry is a bunch of sleep-deprived and sickly workers.

The question is how does one achieve a work-live balance in which a proper sleeping schedule is maintained? To start off, here are 5 jobs that allow you to sleep on time.


Forest and logging workers

In case the word “forest” and “logs” don’t bring much of a bell to you, these are the people that cut trees down in the forest so that they can be shipped to various factories to be turned into anything from paper to furniture to tablet cases. The reason why this allows healthy sleeping is because logging activities are very limited by sunlight. It’s very difficult to cut down trees under the cover of night. It’s true that logging and cutting down trees is hard work, but such will be rewarded come nighttime anyway.



If you frequent hairdressers, it’s easy to find out as to why they have an easy time on their sleeping schedules. Depending on their local businesses, they usually start their work around 10 in the morning or sometime right before noon. No one goes for a haircut first thing in the morning after all. They average 7 and a quarter hours of sleep per night. It’s also a steady job since hair growth is constant and everyone needs to style it every now and then.



Being a tutor is awesome. You don’t have to follow the basic 9-5 schedule and you don’t have to conform to travel times made by people who follow the 9-5 schedule. Being a tutor for various academic subjects for students only takes knowledge and the skill to pass on information through teaching as your source of income. The upside in sleeping is that you can control your own schedule.

Landscape Expert


It’s not a common career choice as being an astronaut, but landscapers get more decent sleep than astronauts working in the International Space Station. Landscapers, like forest and logging workers, are limited by daylight. They’re almost never employed to work under the cover of night. It makes no sense. Above that, isn’t working around nature nice?

The Office

Office Jobs

Being a lumberjack, a hairdresser, a tutor, or a landscaper isn’t really that common. Let’s face it. But believe it or not, most office jobs (9-5 jobs) actually provide enough margin for one to sleep at least 7 hours per night. It only depends on how that individual will spend the rest of his or her time outside office hours.

Being well-rested really depends on one’s self-control and determination to spend the night in peaceful deep sleep. You can be a college student, a CEO or even unemployed with all the time in the world and still be sleep-deprived. It’s all about setting your priorities right and working on them. With that in mind, take what you have and make the most out of it.