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Advantages “Night-Owls” Have

The city is blanketed by darkness. It’s half-past 1 in the morning. The remaining city lights artificially light up the dark sky, but the stars and the moon prevail. In the 24th floor of her condominium in Makati, this Night-Owl stays up and works on an artistic illustration she thought of doing on a sudden whim. She’s almost finished. Almost everyone else is asleep, but not her, and not her creativity.

Maybe you’re not an artistic illustrator. Maybe you’re not living in a condo in the heart of a busy city, but certainly, you can relate with the fictional Night-Owl I portrayed in the first paragraph. It’s typically not something health-conscious people are fond of emulating, but did you know that being a so-called “Night Owl” has a list of advantages?

Night Person

“Night-Owls” are more creative and imaginative.

A study done by researchers in 2007 showed that self-professed “Night-Owls” scored higher in creativity and imagination tests as opposed to morning people. A large majority of poets, writers, illustrators, and other artists have said themselves that most of their works they are proud of are either conceived or completed under the cover of the evening. Could there be an explanation for this? Take a look at the next point.

Focus and inspiration increases drastically at night.

Why? Well look around you at night, and it’s easy to see. In the late hours of the night, the world is calm, still, and the seemingly relentless pace of life somehow hibernates under the coolness of the night. The night itself and the coolness it brings about induces focus among those that choose to be active in it.

A reason that inspiration increases drastically at night could be because of the timing itself. The evening or late night, being at the end of the day, allows the “Night-Owl” to be more introspective and retrospective as she looks back at what the day has brought about. This includes thoughts, musings, and sentiments that are ruminated at the end of the day.

“Night-Owls” are able to chase deadlines more effectively.

Just ask any college student, or look back in your life a bit, and you’ll understand. At one point or another in your life, you were probably forced to be a “Night-Owl.” Maybe it’s not about inspiration anymore, but motivation fuelled by the sentiment of duty – the “do-or-die” syndrome. Procrastination isn’t really something to be proud of, but observe how a Night-Owl can astoundingly finish a 10-page essay in the dead of dawn. That’s the talent of a “Night-Owl,” as manifested.

Here in Uratex, as much as we advocate the quality of your sleep, we are still concerned about your health altogether. Although being a “Night-Owl” can be cool, let me just warn you not to go too far into the extreme lest you suffer consequences you might regret in the future.

Don’t forget to push your fortune too much even if you’re a “Night-Owl” by nature, try to sleep early as you can without compromising your personality and creativity. Have a good dawn’s rest! Seize the night and the remaining hours of the morning when you wake up. Sweet dreams!