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Airbed vs. Memory Foam Mattress

Air MattressConsumers are faced with different selections when it comes to purchasing a mattress. Different factors are considered when buying such mattresses – price, durability, and comfort – just to name a few. Conventional mattresses involve problems regarding pressure points exerted on the back. Its “closed cells” feature causes such a dilemma. However, with today’s technological advancements, it is now possible to alleviate problems like these. It is through the invention of air mattresses and memory foam mattresses that this dilemma is addressed. Knowing its common denominator though, what then is the difference between the two?

Air mattresses are made out of PVC vinyl plastics, rubbers, or textile-reinforced urethane plastic. This air-filled type of mattress is known for its convenient and adjustable features. That it can be easily be brought to out-of-town trips makes it especially favorable to frequent travelers. Air mattresses’ materials are free from toxic compounds that can cause allergies to a person. Airbeds are also popular because of its feature that allows its firmness to be adjusted, which in effect lessens pressure on the body. This, however, doesn’t stay long enough, for it sometimes require “air refills” depending on the body weight of the person sleeping on it.

Memory Foam MattressDeveloped by NASA during the 1970s, memory foam mattresses (also known as viscoelastic foams) are made of synthetic foam. It was designed to spread pressure not only to a specific point but to a wider surface. Its open cells are designed to give comfort as it contours the shape of the person’s body, which spreads the weight over a wider area.  This type of mattress is a good choice amongst individuals who have back issues. It is also said to be more efficient in eliminating focused pressure points on the back of a person. However, as it takes the shape of the body, it traps the heat inside the mattress, which could cause discomfort to the person using it. Memory foam mattresses are expensive as compared to airbeds. This is due to the materials used in order to spell comfort and durability to the owner.

Of course, the burden of choosing the right mattress lies to the one who will sleep on it. Let us not forget that it is the comfort and need that should serve us, not the other way around. Choose wisely!