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Therapeutic Mattress: The Uratex Orthocare Mattress

Air bed manufacturers would always say that foam beds will never provide the same level of medical benefits as their beds could provide. That could now change as Uratex has come up with a new product that could match the medical benefits of the air bed. This product is none other than the Uratex Orthocare Mattress.

Also called the “therapeutic” mattress, the Uratex Orthocare Mattress is the pain-relieving, hospital-quality mattress.

All About The Mattress

The problem with most foam beds is its inability to adjust to the position of the human body. Its effects include back pain, body pain, and even headaches when one wakes up. The Orthocare Mattress is specifically designed to be a a pain-relieving bed which is good enough to be a hospital-quality bed. Its feature includes multi-zone toppers that promote exceptional support and comfort, quality sanitized fabric, reinforced edge comfort, and classy embroidery on the mattress itself. It’s made of high-density polyurethane mattress that guarantees great quality and comfort to the human body. More than just comfort, the mattress is guaranteed to be clean to the highest standard: no dust mites, no fungi, no odor, no bacteria.

Comparing it to the Air Bed

So, how will this bed stack up with the air bed? You could refer to one of my earlier blog entries, Battle of the Beds: Foam vs. Air. While it is a recognized fact that air beds provide better back support that ordinary mattresses, the Uratex Orthocare could now really match the medical benefits that the air bed offers. Its additional cleanliness feature is a big plus for this bed.

The Orthocare mattress comes in different sizes and thickness which gives users a wide range of options that they can choose from depending on the size of the person and the available space in the bedroom. While it’s more expensive than other bed mattresses, the medical benefits could offset the price difference. After all, it’s more expensive to spend on medical treatment in the long run than investing on a good-quality mattress now.