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Airborne Sleep 101: How to Sleep Comfortably during a Plane Ride

Sleeping on a Plane

There’s something that seemingly comfortable with how a cloud looks. They look like giant islands of cotton in the sky, floating and hovering above land, bringing shade and balancing the temperature of the land below it. It’s probably because they look so fluffy.

Unfortunately, they’re just a collection of condensed water vapour waiting to fall down to wash the dry and dirty earth with a fresh burst of rain. But it doesn’t stop anyone from dreaming. What’s it like to sleep above the clouds? I’m sure some of us, at least at one point in our childhood, have imagined what it’s like to slumber above those fluffy islands of comfort. The good news is that technology has allowed us such an experience! A plane ride above the clouds can fulfil that dream any time of the day, any day of the year. But to what extent?

Sleeping in a plane is not always as easy first thought of. If you’ve been in any plane ride, you’d know exactly why. Coach or business class, there’s always a barrier that’s stopping you from getting Z’s. It’s still not the same thing as sleeping on your own mattress at your own Home Sweet Home, right? But it can be helped. It’s not impossible. It might take some adjusting, but you can totally fulfil that dream of sleeping above the clouds.

  • Airborne SleepingBook a window seat if you can

If you’re going to choose your seat, you might as well know where to place yourself if you’re planning to catch up on some sleep during the ride. Being by the window allows you to shut the window if you need to get some shade for shut-eye, and you can rest your head on the side panel to aid keeping yourself still.

  • Play music to yourself to cut yourself off

If your seatmate is in a chatty mood, you can always put on ear-phones or headphones and play yourself some classical music or anything that gets those Z’s flowing and your dreams going. It’s kind of a universal sign that you want to rest. Just hope that your seatmate isn’t socially impaired with such “universal signs” and all.

  • Get yourself the right equipment

A resting traveller’s best friend would usually be a pair of blind folds and a neck pillow. That’s why it’s usually what you’d invest in first under the category of “portable sleep equipment.” A comfortable foam or memory foam neck pillow would do the trick. And some airlines give away free blindfolds if you ask them, but just in case not, it won’t hurt to get yourself your own personal pair.

  • Be comfortable

It’s the most important step for anyone to sleep anywhere. The best thing about comfort is that it’s relative. A child on the plane would be throwing an ear-splitting tantrum next to you, but if you’re comfortable enough, (although, that would take A LOT of comfort indeed) you can get your much-required sleep. That’s why that includes keeping yourself properly hydrated, warm, and at peace.

  • Remove yourself from time for the moment

Being in a flight and worrying about your schedule will only take away sleep from your eyes and add stress and anxiety to your mental state. I mean, if your plane ride gets delayed for some reason, lashing out at the flight attendants or ranting along with other passengers won’t do anything; so get as much sleep as you can, when you can. Might as well be well-rested and late rather than stressed-out and late, right? Don’t worry about time. Just focus on sleeping.

Sleeping above the clouds doesn’t seem that impossible again, huh? Never let your dreams die, and by “dreams” I mean those in the R.E.M. stage of sleep and those you incubated in the fond times of childhood. So, get your above-cloud sleep, and you’ll be fine. Sweet Dreams! Let the clouds usher you to the high-altitude realm of slumber.