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The Alarm Clock’s Opposite: 6 Apps to Help You Get Shuteye Better

senso memory mattress sleeping appsYou were lying on your senso memory mattress for, perhaps, an hour or two. Your eyes were tightly shut, hoping that doing so will put you to sleep. It’ll be Monday tomorrow, and you know that you’ll be in trouble at work or school if you don’t get a good sleep, and you’re too lazy to get yourself a warm glass of milk or a hot cup of chamomile tea. But don’t worry! We have listed what you’ll need without leaving your room: apps that can help you sleep.


This app, which is designed for relaxation, has hundreds of soothing sounds, lullabies, and hours of relaxing music. It helps in releasing tension and easing your overworked minds. This app is available in Apple Store.

senso memory mattress sleep appSleep Genius

First designed to help NASA astronauts fall asleep as to reduce health risks, this app is developed by experts from the fields of neuroscience, sleep, and music. This app, which directly targets the brain, uses four distinct and scientific ways of inducing and helping maintain sleep. These four ways are neurosensory algorithms, multi-band binaural beats, pink noise, and psychoacoustic music. This app is available in Apple Store and Google Play.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

A collaboration between Seattle-based app developer HiveBrain Software and renowned hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson, this app brings the listeners to sleep using guided meditation. This app, in the form of hypnosis, uses Johnson’s voice to bring the listeners to a more peaceful place, leaving you relaxed as you go deeper into slumber. This app is available in Apple Store and Google Play.

Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold

Just like Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson, this app will lead you to dreamland through self-hypnosis. With Harrold’s soothing voice, you will be led to a calming sensation as you fall asleep naturally. This app is available in Apple Store and Google Play.

senso memory mattress sleepmaker rain appSleepmaker Rain

No matter what you say, you can’t deny the fact that the rhythmic pattering sound of raindrops is very soothing and relaxing! This app uses the natural sounds of rain, ranging from gentle sounds of raindrops to an all-out storm, which you can select according to your taste. This app is available in Apple Store and Google Play.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

This app has a wider range as compared to the Sleepmaker Rain app. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep app brings nature directly to your ears – from the sound of crackling campfire, to songbirds, and even the crashing sound of ocean waves to rocks! These sounds are accompanied by actual images, making you audio-visually relaxed. There is also a built-in timer that will help you wake up refreshed and ready for the morning. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is available for free in Google Play.

Sleep is very important to each and every person. This hours-long rest helps us restore the cells in our body. Not only that, it also helps the brain relax! If you don’t like downloading such apps and spending money on these apps, there are other natural alternatives to induce sleep. You may check them in this link.