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Why You Should Avoid Oversleeping

It’s been said that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Now, that principle applies to everything from food, habits, possessions, and even to something as seemingly harmless as sleep. You have to admit, sleeping feels good — it rejuvenates your body and gives you energy for the day ahead. Lacking sleep certainly makes you more irritable and can limit your ability to perform well in work and in school. And come on, when you’re so stressed and tired from all those deadlines, wouldn’t you just love to sleep, sleep, and sleep some more? However, before you go on and sleep for hours on end, we’re here to tell you that too much sleep can actually be bad for you. Why should you avoid oversleeping?

There will be times when you just want to stay in bed all day... However...

Too much of a good thing

Your body can only handle so much of a certain thing. You’re human (well I hope you are) and your body has limits. Again, this applies to most aspects of your life, be it physical, emotional, mental, or relational. You can only eat a certain amount of food before you reach your limit and throw up. You can only exercise so much before you reach your limit and faint due to fatigue. You can only watch so much T.V. and play video games for so long before your eyes get sore and painful. You can only experience so much emotion before you blow up in anger, laugh your heart out, or cry your eyes dry. You get the picture. There is, and there should be a limit to everything — sleeping included.

We know it’s tempting

Most likely, you tend to oversleep during vacation when you’re away from work or your studies. It’s also possible that you oversleep during the weekends because hey, it’s really the only time you have to get back the sleep you lost during hectic weekdays. But remember that getting back your sleep debt is okay, because sometimes your body really needs that extra few hours of sleep, but spending the whole day sleeping is just wrong. Why? Let me tell you.

Oversleeping can be dangerous for your health

Oversleeping can lead to heart complications, diabetes and even death. These are long term complications that are usually obtained by people who oversleep as a way of life, and that’s the kind of person I don’t want you to be. But don’t justify your weekend oversleeping by this. Oversleeping should be avoided completely, since every time you oversleep, you’re one step closer to heart complications, diabetes, and an untimely death. We know it’s tempting to stay in bed all day, especially with the rainy weather, but you really shouldn’t sleep the day away. Looking at the short term implications of oversleeping, instead of waking up refreshed, you’ll experience headaches and lethargy. You’ll also notice yourself being tired and sleepy at the wrong time. Oversleeping messes up your body clock and ironically, you’ll find yourself stressed.

Too much of a good thing is certainly bad, so as much as you want to stay in bed and sleep, remember that oversleeping has negative consequences that you have to deal with, as soon as you wake with a throbbing headache.