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How to Avoid Stiff Neck

Having a stiff neck can ruin every person’s day. It is said that the most common reason on why we suffer stiff necks is because of bad sleeping positions. You moan in agony as you feel that sore pain the moment you wake up. Suddenly, it has become almost impossible for you to turn your neck. Not the kind of morning you would want to wake up to. Waking up without a stiff neck is one of many ways for you to start your day right. To Here are some straight to the point tips:

Avoiding Stiff Necks

1)  Find the perfect pillow for your head. The thickness, the length, and the components of the pillow should be accustomed to what your head and neck is most comfortable with. Uncomfortable pillows can cause you to twist and turn while asleep, causing your neck muscles to get stressed and stiffen up.

2) Lay on the position you know you’re comfortable with. Sleeping positions vary from every person. Know what positions can cause you a stiff neck. Sleep on a position where you can get a sound, peaceful sleep. This way, you should always wake up on the right side of the bed.

3) Never lie on your stomach. This sleeping position stretches your head and neck, which ultimately results in that unwanted stiff neck.

4) Try different sleeping positions. Changing your position once inch at a time can prevent our muscles from stiffening up. Many of us naturally wake up on midnights; take advantage of this time and adjust your sleeping position in order to avoid stiff neck.

5) Sleep on a position where you neck won’t get “cold”. Once cold air enters your neck muscles, there is a considerable chance that it will, you know, stiffen up.

6) Do not stress your neck muscle too much. Some people assume that once they turn their aching head on a different direction, their pain would eventually decrease. Not true. It can actually worsen the pain. Just relax your muscles and allow it to heal on its own.

We don’t want our days ruined as early as the moment we get our first glimpse of the sunrise. Another day brings another hope. We should not let a simple stiff neck ruin it. Be sure to know how to prevent it.