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Bad Habits For Your Eyes

There are things in life that seem right, but without us knowing, are already harmful things to do. Examples are reading, writing and watching television while lying on our beds.

Some of us like reading or writing while on our beds. It just seems so much more comfortable and relaxing, but little do we know that this could harm our eye sight. Light does not properly reach the book that you’re reading when you’re lying on your back. As a result, your eyes become strained and tired. This is also the case when we lie on our stomachs and use the bed as a table.


Wonder why you get dizzy when you read a book in a moving vehicle? It is because our eyes are being stretched and can’t focus properly. This is somehow dangerous because it may cause nausea and even vomiting (yikes for icky car carpet!).

Gadgets and computer screens can also strain your eyes if use them for too  long. So make sure that you rest your eyes from time to time to prevent your eyes from being exhausted. You can also try the 20-20 tip when you feel that you’ve stared at your television or laptop screen for too long – focus on something 20 feet away and blink 20 times to refresh your eyes. Being too focused on your screen is not good because when you stare at something, your eyes have the tendency to blink slower than the normal speed of blinking. If your eyes are not relaxed, they become exhausted and dry up which weaken your retina and leads to blurred vision. This result is also associated with writing or reading in dim light.

Using mobile phones or any gadget that produces a massive light if you are in a dark place is also a big NO-NO. This will make your eyes focus on the light that your device brings and may cause dizziness.

One of our careless habits is rubbing our eyes when they feel itchy. This gesture is harmful for our eyes as it may cause more irritation and scratch the lens that protect our eyes. If your eyes are itchy, wash them with running water or put an ice bag over them to reduce itchiness. And, if ever you wear contact lenses, don’t forget to bring your solution or contact lens lubricant with you because dry contact lenses can be very painful.

Direct sunlight is also harmful to our eyes. The sun’s UV rays cause damage in our eyes — the rays pierce into our eyes like a needle that could ruin our eye sight. This is the reason why it’s advisable to wear sun glasses to shade our eyes from direct sunlight.

Moreover, remember to always wear goggles when you take a swim, especially in a pool with chlorinated water. Chlorine could irritate your eyes, may cause blurred vision and in the long run, even blindness.

If you think that light and wrong position are all that can contribute to poor vision, well, you’re wrong. Smoking can also lead to bad eyesight as the smoke we inhale kills the cells that help protect our eyes from having macular degeneration. This makes our brain receive fewer signals for our eyes to function well.

And lastly for girls, don’t buy cheap make-up. You don’t know the chemicals that these cheap, unknown brands contain. The low quality of the product may cause allergies and decrease your good eyesight.


Don’t take your eyes for granted. Having good vision today does not ensure that you will have good eyesight tomorrow. Blurred vision is irritating, how much more if you don’t have any vision at all? Take care of your eyes and break these bad habits.