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The Battle: Spring Mattress vs. Foam Mattress

Since foam mattresses came into commercial production, their traditional predecessors have always been their rival. It seems that spring mattresses and foam mattresses have their own set of fans and enthusiasts, and each side has its own pros and cons. But which one is really the best type of mattress? That’s why in this article you will decide for yourself, based on the facts I present to you, which mattress will prevail as victor in this rivalry.


One of the concerns, or if not, the only concern that matters significantly in choosing a good mattress is support. What am I talking about? I’m talking about how the surface of the mattress pushes up against your body in contrast to gravity. The thing is, too much or too little support will not equate to a good night’s rest. Now take a look at how spring and foam mattresses fare in terms of support. Spring mattresses are made from individual springs that push up uniformly at the same force. This sounds good if your body was uniformly shaped or flat. However, it isn’t. In contrast, foam mattresses provide support relative to the shape of your body and distributes it evenly. That’s one major advantage because in terms of your health, a foam mattress keeps your spine aligned, your neck in place, and muscles relaxed.


Spring mattresses do provide comfort, but so do foam mattresses. Actually, beds in general provide comfort to some degree since that’s their purpose. But not all beds are created equal — some may be a little comfortable, but some can also be extremely comfortable. However, that difference will mean the world to you when you’re stuck on it night after night. Picking up from where I left off, you can already discern that spring mattresses that distribute force uniformly everywhere is often unwanted since your body is not flat. This entails that the more curvaceous parts of your body sink deeper into the mattress and encounter more resistance. This means pressure – pressure that is unwanted and uncomfortable. Foam mattresses have this unique trait called “isolated vibration absorption.” It’s a fancy term which means that if there is movement on one side of the bed, the other side is completely undisturbed. That’s something spring mattresses can’t promise you. Other than that, foam mattress also have what is called “pressure point relief” which means that the curved parts of your body that sink deeper into the mattress receive a comfortable amount of pressure.

Now decide for yourself. What will fit your needs and desires? Comfort and health are two things that are essential in a good mattress, and these are readily available if you get yourself a foam mattress. Or better yet, check out mattresses that combine the great characteristics of spring and foam mattresses.