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The Battle: Wooden vs. Steel Bed Frames

Wooden Bed FramePeople spend their money for high quality mattresses because, after a day of stress and sweat and work, it is something they can find sweet solace in. It is all what we need in order to have a good night’s sleep. But wait. Is it really only about the mattress? What about the thing that supports it? What about the Bed Frames?

Bed frames, or bedsteads, are precisely made to hold and support bed mattresses. Its complete package is composed of a head, foot, and side railings. Just like our mattresses, bed frames comes in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Wooden frames and metal (steel) bed frames are the two types of bed frames.

Since those two species of frames have a mutual purpose, what then is the difference between the two? Which is better to have our money invested on?

Obviously, the materials used to compose the two different bed frames make it easy for us to distinguish the two. Their names pretty tells us everything we need to know. Durability wise, both depends on the type of wood or steel used. A superb kind will yield to a durable frame. When speaking in terms of style, steel frames can be more aesthetic as compared to wooden ones. The unique bending and coloring of such frames could catch the attention of the buyers.

Steel Bed FrameHowever, as time passes by, the aesthetic feature of steel frames will wear off, so if you don’t want to recoat paints on your frames, go for the wooden ones. Also, if you’re into carved designs, wooden frames would obviously be the best choice. Steel bed frames are mostly designed to hold queen/king sized mattresses. So if room space is an issue, better luck would be needed to find small steel bed frames. Casters or wheels are attached to steel bed frames while normal wooden legs are connected to the wooden bed frames.  This is a bonus if you have a lot of things to store since wooden legs are typically constructed to be long and high, which would create a better space for storage.

So before buying a bed frame, you should know your own preferences. Factors such as style, size, and durability should be carefully considered before a final decision is made. Choose the bed frame that would last a lifetime!