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The Bed that Makes Itself

Do you hate rushing yourself in the morning just to get to work or school? Do you completely despise that morning rush where you need to hurry everything because you only have a few minutes to get to that important meeting? After fast forwarding all your preparations, a little optimism grows within you, and just as you are about to jump into your car, your wife or your mom yells out, “Make your bed!”

You groan. You’re exasperated because you’re trying to chase your schedule and the thing that concerns them the most is your messy bed. Considering the situation at hand, you don’t really care if you come home to an untidy bedroom. But such is life. Some people truly hate seeing a messy bed, even if it’s not theirs. Thus, they exert effort into making sure that you have a fresh and clean bed at all times.

It takes approximately 2 minutes of your precious time to make your bed on your own, and yet there are numerous moments where we leave them cluttered and disorganized. If only there were some special type of machine that can make your bed automatically for you every morning, then you wouldn’t have to go through all the trouble.

Dear Readers, I have good news.

Gone are the days when you need to make your own bed every day. Today, you can have your OWN bed make itself while you go on with your calming morning ritual. No more having to sacrifice business meetings for a muddled bed mattress. No more trudging back to your bedroom just to waste five precious minutes fixing your bed. You won’t even have to worry about forgetting about all the necessities in maintaining a hygienic bed.


So let’s get to the point. Known as the OHEA smart bed, this special bed has its own arms that pulls on the covers, lifts the pillows up and automatically straightens out the blankets. Just like that, you are free of your morning hassle.

Before you go to bed at night, switch on the bed to automatic before crawling in your bed and messing it up. Once you wake up in the morning and stand up to start your morning ritual, the bed will automatically do its work for you! Within a few seconds, your bed will be made and you have more time on your hands. It takes a lot of time and effort away from the morning rush.

Unfortunately, while this bed definitely has its perks, it also has some disadvantages that you might want to consider.