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Can Your Bed Foam Cause Scoliosis?

Just last summer, I was involved in an accident. I am grateful to be alive, but the untimely calamity left me with a misaligned cervical spine. Because of this mishap, I had to undergo a series of therapies that should cause my spine to return t its normal alignment. During my first therapy, the doctor noticed that I also have scoliosis, and he asked what kind of bed foam I use at home. I told him, “I don’t know,” because I really don’t know how to describe my bed foam! After telling him that, he told me that I should know what type of bed foam I use, for it may be the cause of my scoliosis.

“There are types of bed foams that could cause scoliosis,” my doctor said. These bed foams are the ones that are so soft, it’s impossible for your back to lie straight on it. While we sleep, our body should be levelled as much as possible on our bed. If this sleeping position is not followed, our back will eventually become subject to serious health issues, including scoliosis. But, how can we accurately determine if our bed foam could be harmful for us?

Checking Your Bed FoamHow to know if your bed foam can cause scoliosis:

According to my trusty doctor, in order to ensure that your bed foam is not harmful to your spine, create two imaginary diagonal lines on your bed. Make sure that the starting and ending point of your imaginary lines lies on the edges of the foam – just like the picture at the left side. Creating two imaginary diagonal lines will give you a point at the centre, which caused by their intersection.

So what are you going to do with the point at the centre? Try to stand at that very centre of your bed; if you’re feet submerge (even just an inch) from the surface of your bed foam, then it can be classified as a harmful foam, one that can cause scoliosis.

The most practical type of bed foam that can definitely protect us from the dangers of scoliosis is the orthopaedic bed, which was suggested by my doctor. After this piece of advice that was most useful, I invested in the orthopaedic bed foam, which is all at the same time comfortable, reliable, and levelled. So, if you are also unsure of your bed foam, go check out this superior foam.