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Spacing Saving Tips for Your Bed

With the rising price of a good spacious home in the city, many people (especially fresh grads, young professionals, and singles) opt to live in small condo units or bed space from bedspacer offers. I, myself, am living in a small 22 sqm studio-type condo unit. It’s good enough if your primary intention is just to find a place to sleep but the space is very small if you stop and look at it.

One of the things that take up a lot of space is the bed. Your bed can take up as much as 1/8 of your space and for a very small place, that means a lot already. So, how do you deal with the limited bed space? Here are three tips to help you have that extra space for your room.

Your sleep certainly shouldn't suffer due to lack of bed space. Be creative with your room layout and choose a Uratex mattress for whatever bed size you need.

  1. Choose the right size — If you’re living alone, you don’t need a king size bed. If you think you need a king size bed, you probably have the money to  buy a bigger unit size anyway. Remember, the design of the studio type condo or bed space limits you to put in as few things as possible. Extra space for one object means fewer space available for other objects. Uratex beds comes in many different sizes and that includes a wide variety of single size beds.
  2. Consider going up — If there’s two of you living in a studio-type condo, you might consider buying a double-bed instead. The extra space up means a lot. Japanese homes maximize space in their small units by building another floor within the room. The head space decreases but you have “an extra floor” to put all your other things. There are a wide variety of Uratex double beds which have good and sturdy structure for the double beds.
  3. Optimize the situation — If you really need all the appliances and objects, one thing you can do is to layout your bed when you need to use it and fold it up when you’re not using it. It’s more of a last resort and a temporary workaround as this would be a big hassle to do everyday. Consider removing other things if you’re in this situation.