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More than just a Bed

Did you know that we’ll be spending more than a third of our life in bed? What’s different about it though is that unlike the other 16 hours a day we spend moving around, working or studying, the 8 hours of slumber is our moment of rest. And if you ask me how I want to enjoy the 33% of my lifetime, we’d have to look at where I’ll be spending it.

A mattress is certainly an investment that I’d happily make when I get a house someday.  Why? Because, and I’m sure most of you would agree, there’s nothing like taking solace on a comfortable bed after a hard day’s work. However, from the myriad beds and mattresses available in the market today, which type should you choose? 


Choosing a mattress isn’t as easy as it seems - search for the mattress that fits your needs!

Bouncing Around

First up is the usual American bed. It’s called the innerspring mattress because, as the name suggests, it has wire coils as support. Here are some reasons why you should get one:

  • Firmness – It basically has a firm surface will give great back support.
  • Ready to use – There is no need for any foundation. Even if it is laid out on its own, there will be no compromise of its firmness.
  • Coolness – In terms of temperature, that is. A common problem for other forms of mattresses is that the moment you sit or lie down on it, it retains body heat. But for firm coil mattresses, it’s not a problem since it does not retain body heat.




Sinking in Foam

Now this is the bed I got used to growing up. It’s what we call the foam mattress. Here are some characteristics of the polyurethane foam mattress:

  • Curves – Yes, this bed follows your curves, confirming to your body structure and evenly distributing your body weight.
  • Durability – Firmness doesn’t change over time
  • Health – Most offer anti-mite, anti-microbial properties and is free of odors.

A Mattress to Remember

These days however, there’s a new type of a foam mattress that people are going crazy about. Considered therapeutic, this new choice is called the memory foam. The memory foam mattress has the following characteristics:

  • Pressure points – This follows the shape of your body reducing the pressure points along your body curves.
  • Temperature sensitive – Add a little heat and it goes soft while a cold breeze will make it firm.
  • Don’t disturb me – No more waking up in the middle of the night with movements from people you are sleeping next to. There are no vibrations in this mattress.

Choosing a mattress isn’t as easy as it seems. You have to take into consideration factors such as your budget, health, and personal preference – and sometimes, you just have to compare the different types side by side in order to see which one suits you better. Watch out for our next articles as we help find the right mattress for you.