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“BED-DAZZLED!” 4 Cool Ways to Decorate your Bed

Cool Bedroom

Your bed is the most intimate furniture in your home. Aside from the standard comfort your bed mattress offers you, you can do a lot of other things with it. You rest on it, share your dreams with it, and even pour your heartbreaks on it as it absorbs your tears.

Now that you’ve realized how essential a bed is, why not give yourself a much cozier slumber by adding a personal touch to your bed with these cool ideas? After all, you spend a third of your life tucked under its sheets as your most intimate space at home.

Hanging Bed

Sleep like A Boss!

Who doesn’t want an awesome hanging bed that will lull you to sleep? Make a wooden platform for your bed mattress and drill a hole in each corner of the platform. Run four ropes from the ceiling and pass them through each hole. Knot the ropes underneath and – voila! You’ll be sleeping like a baby ‘til the sun shines!

Play sweet, soothing music for a sleepier ambience, and you’ll definitely have the best slumber of your life.

Reveal your Artistic Side

Is this even possible? Of course, it is! Maybe you’re so used to buying your bed sheets that you totally forgot to unleash that inner artist in you. Don’t worry, because designing your own bed sheets doesn’t require to have a diploma in arts!

All you need to do is draw up your own pattern, and the rest of the process will be a piece of cake. Construct your chosen pattern in Photoshop, setting it to 300 dpi for a high resolution image and have it printed on a soft, cotton fabric. Afterwards, simply send the fabric for sewing or you can do it yourself by following these instructions.

Nice Bedroom

Don’t Leave your Blankets Blank!

During cuddle weather, your blankets are your best play mates. With your significant other, you can wrap yourself up like a waffle! Or a burrito! Prepare a rainbow of blankets, and you’d have a buffet, if that makes sense.

Play with Patterns, Shapes and Prints

Don’t shy away from mixing patterns, shapes and prints as long as you know what you are doing. You’ll never know how wonderful your pillows can get until you try mixing large prints with small prints and floral with geometrics. Isn’t it refreshing to look at a bed bursting with fun designs?

The same goes for your bed sheets, too! Don’t be afraid to try patterns or prints you haven’t tried before. If you’ve been sticking to that same color or pattern for eternity, then a change is definitely in order.

Bookshelf Headboard

Remodel your Headboard

You’ll be surprised to know that your seemingly boring headboard can actually be aesthetically pleasing. You can decorate it with mirrors, stickers, drawings, paintings, photographs, and so much more! And if you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a vintage look, well, you can pretty much start with your headboard as well. The same principle applies if you’re a book-lover, as demonstrated by the photo above.

Once you’ve got all of these things together, go ahead and give yourself a much deserved rest and welcome yourself back to a fancier, artsier, and dreamier slumber zone.