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Bedroom Care 101: Dealing with Water Leaks during the Rainy Season


Raindrops are a nice little addition to the environment every once in a while. If you live in a tropical part of the world, you personally know for yourself how wonderful it can be at times – especially when it comes after a period of scorching heat. It’s nature’s way of refreshing the landscape. But with its advantages come its torrential disadvantages.

They come in all sorts horrible fashions, be it in a raging typhoon, in a seemingly endless drenching deluge, or even in a small but unceasing dripping from the ceiling. All of them are equally dismaying, but some are more damaging than others.

For today’s post, we’ll provide simple tips on how to deal with leaks around your Home Sweet Home. And even though they’re not exactly professional advice on how to fix those darn leaks once and for all, they should be enough until a plumber can inspect the crime scene. Hopefully this will get you, your bedroom, and everything in it through the rainy season.


It’sa very primitive solution. It’s not advanced nor is it state-of-the-art technology. But what’s beautiful about simple solutions is that it doesn’t have to be crazily expensive or sophisticated. As it’s said, “if you think it’s stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.”

Exactly. It doesn’t deal with the problem at its source, but at least it deals with the problem by preventing it from carrying out its effects, and that’s the next best thing. You don’t want your room to turn into a swimming pool, and a simple bucket here and there can stop that from happening. Just make sure to drain it regularly to make sure it doesn’t overflow. Otherwise, you’ll just render it useless.

Rearrange your furniture

Now, you might think that relocating your furniture is too much, but believe it or not, until you have a permanent solution for your roof, this is what you have to do. Next to utilizing a bucket to prevent ‘indoor flooding’, you also have to keep your desk, chairs, and bed from getting wet. If you’re using a bed mattress, especially a foam mattress, you really want to keep water away from it.

You definitely don’t want to end up sleeping on a wet bed. It’s just going to be like sleeping on a wet sponge. A little rearranging of your furniture will also allow you to properly place your buckets with less inconvenience.

Keep your valuables from being damaged

There are a lot of things in this day and age that are very small and valuable, but very easily destroyed by something as simple as water. Keep water from such items like electronics or even your wood furniture. Water damage goes a long way, and it’s usually a one-way strip. There’s no going back. You can’t just wipe it off and walk away like nothing happened. Until you get a permanent solution to finally stop the leaking, this is the next best solution.

Not everyone has time to fix problems at their source, and sometimes, the choice to go for a quick fix is unavoidable. This is one example. So as long as the quick fix is keeping you maintained, take your time and enjoy your sleep. No matter how hard it rains outside and how much it leaks inside, as long as you have comfortable foam bed, you can always look forward to a great tomorrow.