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Bedroom Storage Solutions to turn a Cluttered, Busy Space into a Calming Refuge

Well-Organized BedroomFor most people, the bedroom is the best part of the house. It is the one place within the average home where you can fully experience genuine relaxation and rejuvenation. Therefore, it is a person’s sacred place that should be free from any chaos and stress.

Other than a place of rest, the bedroom is also where one person can keep his/her most valuable and sentimental possessions. Though this sort of practice can greatly personalize your bedroom, it can also cause the room to become messy and cluttered if its owners are not responsible enough. It goes without saying that the sight of a muddled bedroom should be avoided. Since the bedroom is meant for relaxation, it should not be cluttered with too many things that could eventually become a source of stress.

It is for this reason why it is necessary for us to have some knowledge on space conservation, particularly for the sake of our bedrooms. The following is a list of useful space-saving ideas for bedrooms.

1) Make the most of the space in your closets and shelves.

Before you start stacking your things on your beloved bed mattress, consider your closets and shelves first. Are you maximizing their available spaces? Sometimes, people do not realize that they are actually wasting a lot of storage space simply by not arranging their stuff properly. Think about your books. If they are strategically arranged (positioned from biggest to smallest, for instance), there would be extra spaces where some other books could be shoved into. The same goes for your closets. If clothes are folded properly, more can be fitted inside. You’d be surprised how much vacancy your closet will give you once your clothes are folded the right way.

2) Think of the best arrangement.

Gather all the items that you use the most and place them in one area so you won’t have to rummage through less used things just to find them. This way, you can avoid jumbling all your stuff that could result in mixed piles of random things which, you know, could lead to more space-related problems.

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3) Consider that extra space under your bed.

If your bed frame is built with several drawers, good for you! This means that the space under your bed will be more than ready to accommodate any items that need to be arranged. Baskets could make it easier for you to retrieve any items that you may end up putting there. If your bedroom has a high ceiling, you can place some shelves overhead where you can store books or DVD’s.

4) Maximize the spaces on your wall.

Apart from shelves, you can also put hooks on your walls. Through these hooks, you can conveniently hang your coats, jackets, and scarves, leaving more space for other items in your closets and drawers.

5) Transfer the things that you do not really need.

Look at the things inside your room. Do you really need all of them? Why not transfer the not-so-important things elsewhere? Perhaps you can move them to your attic or other rooms that are precisely designed for storing. Actually, you can do this regularly. Every quarter of the year, for instance, conduct an inventory of the things that you rarely use; instead of letting them clutter your bedroom, store them in a room that is hardly ever used by people.

There are a lot more cool and creative ways for you to conserve space in your bedroom. All you have is to do is keep exploring and consider other possibilities. Be resourceful and strategic. Turn your cluttered and busy bedroom into a place ideal for relaxation.