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11 Bedtime Habits Of Your Favorite Pinay Celebrities

#WokeUpLikeThis. This hashtag, when used by the prettiest Pinay celebrities, will either inspire you or make you realize just how unfair the world is. They have not even rolled out of bed yet and already their eyes are glowing, skin is radiant, and even their hair looks bouncy. So you wonder: how do these Filipino celebrities sleep? Do they take some sort of a beauty potion as part of their bedtime habit? Quit researching about beauty potions because sleep routines of Pinay celebrities are much like everyone else’s, they just look simply effortless.

Bedtime Habits
The top beauty secrets of celebrities may no longer be “secret” to you. But it is worth another look if only to inspire and motivate you even more. So the next time you hit the sack and get your beauty sleep, you know that you can wake up like a celebrity, feeling just as effortlessly beautiful.

We rounded up the beauty sleep routines of Pinay celebrities just for you.

Drink lots of water

Drink lots of water

Call it old fashioned, but H2O is the ultimate beauty trick that gives girls that certain glow. Sexy actress and model Ellen Adarna is among those who subscribe to the beauty benefits of water and include it in her bedtime habits. She likes to drink at least one glass of water before going to bed.

The common recommendation for water intake is 6 to 8 glasses every day. But depending on your lifestyle, you might need more. Drinking water before bedtime is a really effective sleep hack. By drinking water, you naturally balance your body’s vitamins, nutrients and minerals. So when you drink water before going to bed, your hormones, energy levels, and muscles are also balanced and you end up feeling more relaxed. While you sleep, water replenishes your body and you will wake up hydrated and feeling rejuvenated.

Wash your face

Never sleep with your makeup on. That’s basically how Pinay celebrities get beauty sleep. Or in the case of a modern young woman who commutes to work and gets exposed to heat and pollution throughout the day, never sleep with accumulated dirt and dust on your face.

Carla Abellana is one of those girls that you just make you feel that the world is a bit unfair. Her celebrity genes may be a factor, but Carla also says that she likes to keep it basic. Her beauty tip is also basic: wash your face thoroughly and make sure no makeup is left before you go to sleep.

Moisturize your skin

Wondering why celebrities have flawless and glowing skin? Well, take it from Marian Rivera as she was probably just super blessed. But also, she’s been moisturizing her skin since her high school days. Moisturizer is among the most popular sleeping hacks of Pinay celebrities and Marian couldn’t agree more. After washing her face, she says she puts on moisturizer before going to bed. She also applies lotion all over her body to keep her skin is soft and hydrated.

Get a comfy bed

Get a comfy bed

Getting the right mattress is very important. Dr. Deborah Bernardo, head of the Comprehensive Sleep Disorders Center at St. Luke’s Medical Center, explained why sleep is as important as diet and exercise. When people do not get enough hours of sleep, their bodies are not energized and they get tired easily. This is why Dr. Bernardo said a high-quality bed mattress is really important. Foam technology has greatly evolved, and memory, latex and hydrogel foam are becoming very popular.

Actress Solenn Heusaff, a believer of the premium bed mattress in the Philippines, also swears by a how a quality mattress can help her have a good night’s sleep. In an interview with Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo, the beautiful actress also shared that she likes to sleep with at least four pillows beside her: one for her head, one under her feet, and one on each side. Soft and cuddly pillows tend to give more comfort.

Face the ceiling, girls

Super mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer takes her nightly routine seriously. No wonder, she still looks as fresh after chasing after her three adorable kids. The former teen actress said that once you start using makeup, you should start following a strict nightly regimen and stick to products that work for your skin. Here’s another rather strange beauty tip from Cheska: avoid sleeping with cheeks touching pillows. A little odd but Cheska swears by this top beauty secret. She said creases of your skin tend to follow the creases of your pillows. So, face up, ladies!

Catch up on reading

Catch up on reading

Photo courtesy of Viviana Calderon via Flickr, Creative Commons

Successful people read books. Reading is also present in the sleep routines of successful Filipina celebrities such as Kris Aquino and Sharon Cuneta. Reading has a lot of benefits such as improving cognitive function, mitigating mild mental health concerns, improves memory and even your emotional intelligence. Reading a book before bedtime is also one of the ways you can relax your mind before bedtime, according to the National Sleep Foundation. A relaxing reading ritual prepares your body to sleep by separating your sleep time from the stresses of daily life. A relaxing ritual like this helps people wind down and fall asleep faster.

Don’t forget your eyes

Hate those puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles? Your eyes can definitely tell how your day went. Remember that they are the windows to your soul. Stop looking so tired and haggard by including an eye cream in your nightly routine just like Anne Curtis. She said doing so consistently will allow inflamed parts such as eye bags to become less swollen and dark. Apply eye cream after moisturizing.

Down the neck, too

Actress Heart Evangelista is right when she says that the neck is among the first to show your age. Wrinkles and loose skin appear so much faster in the neck area because skin there is thinner. So one of the pre-sleeping habits that Heart shares constantly is to apply anti-aging cream on the neck to keep it soft and moisturized.

Early to bed

If you have celebrity-like hours, work on how to get a good sleep with a celebrity-like schedule. This means going to bed as early as you can. The National Sleep Foundation recommended age-appropriate sleep durations. Young adults aged 18 to 25 and adults aged 26 to 64 need 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep. This is why most Pinay celebrities try to sleep as early as they can to feel rejuvenated the next day. If you can’t get in bed earlier, try to to get enough and undisturbed sleep with an ideal comfort in mattresses like the Senso Memory Ultima.

Be happy

Stay positive and focus on the good things. Celebrities have to go through a lot of intrigues and stress, and staying positive may be hard to do. But before going to sleep, try to get rid of all the bad vibes and think happy thoughts. When your mind is well-rested, your sleep will be peaceful and your days will be brighter.

End with a prayer

Always end your day with a prayer. Saying a prayer should never escape your nightly routine. Rid yourself of all the excess baggage and tell your worries to someone bigger than you. When you know in your heart that someone up there is listening, you don’t feel so alone and hopeless.

Celebrity or not, try to stick to a nightly routine that works for you. Cultivate a habit that gives you a restful sleep and makes you feel great. Avoid activities that can keep you awake late at night to perfect the bedtime habits that truly energize and invigorate your spirit.