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Bedtime stories with Sunshine

July 5, 2014 | By Dinna Chan Vasquez | Manila Standard Today |

Sunshine Cruz’s destiny was inevitable.

She belongs to one of showbusiness’ most prominent families and some of her relatives are Tirso Cruz III, Geneva Cruz, Ricky Belmonte and Sheryl Cruz. With her fair skin, beautiful body and bee-stung lips, Sunshine was a shoo-in for stardom. But before that happened in a big way, she got married and had children and family life became her priority.

Sunshine Cruz with daughters Angeline Isabelle, Samantha Angeline and Angel Francesca.In 2012, Sunshine started appearing in soaps and variety shows again. In 2013, her marriage fell apart and Sunshine’s career went into full blast.

She and her three daughters—Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline and Angel Francesca—moved to another house in another part of Metro Manila.

Because she is now a single parent, Sunshine’s priorities have shifted.

“I am now more health-conscious. If I am not busy, I sleep longer, more than eight hours. Sleep is really important for me because it keeps me alert, fresh-looking, and beautiful,” says Sunshine.

She believes good sleeping habits can be helped by lying on a quality bed. Sunshine uses a queen-size Uratex premium bed (Sleep Comfort Memory Mattress).

“It’s so comfy, not too soft and not too hard. It’s just perfect, so when you wake up, you don’t feel any ache or pain in your back and neck.”

Sunshine and her family have always relied on Uratex when it comes to beds.

“Our beds in our ancestral home are made by Uratex. When I got married, our bed was also Uratex. Now that I’m a single parent, it’s still Uratex,” she says.

The actress’ three daughters use the Uratex Perfect Serenity Anti-Mosquito Mattress.

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