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9 Bedtime Tips for Coping with Fickle Weather Discomfort

Is the unpredictable Philippine weather keeping you from having a good, comfortable sleep? It sure can be challenging. Sometimes, it’s really hot and other times, you won’t even need a fan to get some sleep. The effects of changes in your sleeping environment are unforgiving. These sudden temperature and humidity changes can disrupt your shut-eye by making you feel hot and uncomfortable. It can also make you ill and affect your overall performance the next day.

affect your overall performance

Of course, while you cannot control the weather, you have the power to employ effective hacks for better sleep. From easily getting your hands on the heat and pressure-relieving memory foam beds from Uratex Philippines to reducing your use of electronic gadgets, you can easily and effectively sustain a restful sleep in any weather. Learn more from these 9 sleep hacks to cope with the Philippine weather.


1. Do a regular bedtime stretch

Abrupt changes in weather can cause joint pains and poor blood circulation. To help alleviate these, practice a daily habit of night stretches or better yet—bedtime yoga. This can relax your mind and ease muscular tension. Try the extended triangle pose to relieve backache, neck pain, stress, and anxiety. The butterfly pose and the happy baby also do not require a lot of effort but can provide a helpful stretch to your body.


2. Limit coffee intake and have a cup of tea instead

limit coffee intake

It’s surprising that a lot of people think that a hot cup of coffee is a good idea for a rainy night. Unless you’re pulling off an all-nighter, one of the most helpful bedtime habits is limit your coffee intake in the morning. The effects of caffeine can last for hours and could disrupt your sleep. For a warm, soothing drink, try herbal teas such as mint and chamomile before bedtime. Drinking these coffee substitutes can better help you cope with the unpredictable weather. But feel free to drink your tea hot or cold, depending on the weather.


3. Reduce blue light exposure

reduce the light exposure

The sleep-disrupting effects of electronic devices at bedtime can be equally damaging to your sleep as the volatile weather. Watching movies on your computer or reading an e-book during bedtime may sound relaxing, but scientists warn that the blue light coming from your gadgets can affect the body’s melatonin level. If you’re finding it hard to wean off gadget use at bedtime, try to dim the brightness of your devices. You can also consider using program applications that reduce the light. Still, one of the best tips in avoiding sleep discomfort would be to simply avoid electronic devices before going to sleep.


4. Cool down with the right mattress for a comfortable sleep

cool down with right mattress

Drift off to sleep while embraced in the gentle coolness of Uratex Senso Memory Foam
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A great choice of memory foam that easily adjusts to your sleeping environment’s temperature is the revolutionary Senso Memory Ultima Plus. It is specially designed to provide solution to hot and uncomfortable nights while delicately adjusting to your body’s movements to accommodate your pressure points. It combines cooling sleep technology and comfort. Remember that your body needs to cool down and feel relaxed if you are to have a good night’s sleep. No matter the weather, investing in the appropriate mattress can significantly improve your sleep quality.


5. Strictly follow your bedtime schedule

follow your bedtime schedule

The best sleep tip for any weather is to strictly follow a bedtime schedule. This will help you build a healthy body capable of combating abrupt temperature changes. Sleeping on schedule will also train your body to develop a more natural response to sleep. It’s true that bedtime routines are different for everyone. But while you should base your sleeping schedule on your lifestyle, bear in mind that you should target seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.


6. Try acupuncture every once in a while

acupuncture once in a whileSuffering from insomnia because of the weather? Try acupuncture. It’s an alternative form of medical practice known for helping people with sleep problems. It involves the placement of needles on body points called pathways or meridians. Targeting these points can alleviate sleep discomfort and increase the body’s energy flow. Consider scheduling an appointment with a licensed acupuncturist once a week.


7. Listen to slow, relaxing music

listen to slow

There may be strong winds and thunders outside, but listening to soothing music can put you emotionally at ease to sleep. Music can be a powerful therapy for people struggling with weather-induced sleep difficulties. For one of the best sleep hacks for sweaty nights, listen to the refreshing sounds of nature. On chilly evenings, opting for classical music can relax you. Choose music with relatively slow beat as these can activate your body’s internal snooze button.


8. Have pumpkin soup for dinner

pumpkin soup for dinner

Eating delicious and nutritious food is a wonderful way to get a good night’s sleep in any weather. Creamy pumpkin soup is a great comfort food because it’s yummy and can improve your mood. It’s also known to help the body produce melatonin because of its natural properties. Instead of eating unhealthy food at night, eat more pumpkin to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.


9. Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

Some people think that turning on the lights at night is good to counter the gloom caused by an unpredictable weather. However, sleeping with the lights on can be disruptive for your sleep. It’s alright to keep some lights on, if that will put you at ease in the evening. However, consider using sleeping/eye masks as a natural way to help you sleep better. Heated and scented eye masks are fantastic options. The heat can be relaxing to your eyes and the smell can calm your nerves.

The Philippine weather is unpredictable, but it doesn’t mean that your sleep should be as well. In the midst of such fickle weather, we recommend that you choose the right foam and mattresses for your sleeping needs. Aside from that, feel free to follow these 9 effective tips to help you cope with weather changes. From having a night therapy memory foam mattress to eating your way to dreamland, it’s really not so difficult to consistently enjoy great sleep despite the skittish weather.