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5 Benefits of Sleep that you should be Experiencing

So I guess it’s not a mystery what you’re going to read about. The title says it all, but does it? Here is an entry that may provide more insight than you expect. Sleep is, of course, universally loved and sought after. I understand that so well, but did you know that it has benefits that offer insane boosts to your emotional, physiological, social, and even mental performances?

Well yeah, you can say the obvious and the generally-known facts. Sleep makes you well-rested, puts you in a good mood, gets rid of any fatigue, refreshes you mentally and all that. But sometimes those reasons aren’t “buyable” enough. At 11PM at night, you may want to convince yourself to sleep instead of playing more videogames (though playing videogames in moderation can reduce stress), but remember these benefits and you might want to keep sleeping for the sake of it – two birds in one stone.

The Benefits of Sleep

Sleep helps you grow

I’m not kidding. When you’re in deep sleep, your body releases growth hormones the most, compared to any other time in the 24-hour clock. Especially effective in young and growing adults, this is definitely a reason to encourage such individuals to sleep. I mean, who doesn’t mind possibly gaining a few extra inches by just earning a few of those Z’s?

Sleep helps injuries heal

Consider this comparison. It’s very difficult for any mechanic or technician, no matter how expert or experienced, to fix or repair any machine unless it’s in an idle mode. For cars, it’s ideal to fix it when at rest and with the engine turned off. With computers, hardware problems, it’s impossible to fix or replace a built-in hard drive without turning it off first. Makes sense right? Things work that way, especially with your body. Wounds close faster and bruises heal more rapidly all thanks to your body being at “full” rest.

Sleep helps you lose weight!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind losing a few extra calories by just sleeping. Well it’s still not the same as, say, high-impact aerobics, but come on! You just have to sleep! Sleep adjusts your metabolism and the more you sleep, the less you will crave fatty food. That’s a wonder isn’t it? Sleeping also burns a significant amount of calories per hour of deep sleep.

Sleep enhances memory

Yes! There is indeed a significant correlation between learning, memory, and deep sleep. The logic in a nutshell is that, the more well-rested your brain is, the more it’s efficient in storing and consolidating new data of information that you have learned throughout the day. Therefore, it gets easier to bring up for future recollection.

Sleep enhances reflexes and skill

This is what I was talking about with the videogames thing. Generally, with a more well-rested mind and body the nerves, being the highway of information and signals in your body, will work more efficiently. Personally, I’ve noticed a great improvement with eye-hand coordination when I have an excellent session of deep sleep the previous night. I’m sure it works for the general population too, trust me.

So it’s not just enhancing your long-term personal relationship with your exquisite bed that sleeping does. It improves you as a person altogether. Who doesn’t want to be a tall, fit, smart, and skilful person? You think you’re dreaming too big? Well in this case, you literally can dream big – and with the help of deep sleep, it will definitely become reality.