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Dream Come True: 10 Innovations of the Best Mattress

Why settle for almost (or totally) sleepless nights with your outdated mattress when innovative sleep care technology is readily available? Yes, you heard that right. The quality and even quantity of sleep you are getting are, on a big part, a consequence of the kind of mattress you choose to sleep in. Many aspects of the good life—from health to work productivity—significantly depends on how well you sleep at night. So before you get excited over high-tech and innovative mattresses, consider how it will affect your overall health and research on what you should know before buying a mattress. Many aspects of the good life—from health to work productivity—significantly depends on how well you sleep at night.

Here are 10 innovations you need to know in choosing the best mattress and achieving that perfect sleep.

1. Sets the Temperature Right

Sets the Temperature Right

Photo courtesy of nomao saeki via Unsplash

Do you wake up at night sweating profusely because it’s too warm or shivering because it’s too cold? If you have this dilemma, choose the best mattress that can set the temperature right so you can cool down or warm up based on your body’s requirements. Remember that you can’t have a good rest if you keep on waking up because of fluctuating temperatures. Having a mattress that can adjust its temperature can create the ideal sleeping condition for you.

So, take your sleeping experience to the next level. Equip yourself with innovative mattresses like the Uratex Cool Reverie–a cutting edge mattress designed for optimal breathability and support. Its fabric has Adaptive® treatment, a unique feature for thermal control, leaving you refreshingly cool throughout the night. Its ventilated contour foam provides better airflow along with support and relief from pressure points.

It is the first in our classic collection using Adaptive® by HeiQ, a breakthrough in fabric technology. It consists of innovative polymers that intelligently changes properties in response to body temperature. As temperature rises, the polymer releases stored moisture for a long- lasting, cooling effect. It distributes heat evenly to help maintain an ideal sleep temperature and improve the quality of sleep.

2. Monitors Your Heart Rate

A mattress technology that has biometric sensors to monitor your heart rate and breathing throughout the night can save your life or that of a loved one. There is a misconception that cardiac arrest is only a threat to older people. The fact is cardiac arrests mostly kill young people—mostly in their 20s and 30s—in their sleep. Whether it’s related to an inherited illness or lifestyle choices, people of any age will be taken care of with a mattress that looks after their health even while they’re asleep.

3. Naturally Anti-Bacterial and Hygienic

Naturally Anti-Bacterial and Hygienic

Premium Touch Sublime
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A sanitized mattress that naturally repels bacteria and microbes is your best ally for a clean, comfortable, and better sleep. Notable mattresses for sale today are the Uratex Premium Touch Sublime Mattress. Both have advanced technology called the Tencel Fabric from the essence of the eucalyptus tree. This superior but natural cellulosic fabric helps maintain a #RefreshinglyCoolSummer sleep day and night. The result is a breathable high-tech mattress that lets air flow freely while you sleep. These mattresses are also treated with Sanitized, unique technology that actively protects against bacteria, dust mites, molds, and bad odor — especially suitable for those with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies.

4. Suggests a Sleep Strategy for Better Productivity

Sleep Strategy

Photo courtesy of supergenius.co.in

Accomplishing many tasks today seems inconceivable without a smartphone. In this connection, sleep technology has caught up with applications linked to your mattress to give you feedback and suggestions. This is great news to anyone who wishes to increase productivity and puts a premium on the best sleep. The technological fusion of such applications and top mattress technology delivers the ideal sleep strategy that can sustain your productivity and general well-being.

5. Provides a Relaxing Massage to Reduce Stress

Do you sometimes come home late at night and feel so tired that you wish you can have a massage? But instead of being hassled by going to the spa, you just try to sleep it off. A mattress that can give you a massage is what you must be looking for. You would think that these types of mattress are science fiction, but they’re actually 100% legit. With this mattress, not only can you have a restful sleep with a good massage, you also significantly save money and time. Who needs a spa session when you have a mattress that can also to reduce tension, increase blood circulation, and bring about a mind-body balance?

6. Illuminates with LED Lights for a Restful Slumber

Restful Slumber

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

A mattress that has LED lights provides the perfect solution for a softly illuminated bedroom. How to improve your sleep very much relates to how you regulate light in your bedroom. If the room is too bright, your body will feel awake. A brightly-lit bedroom can confuse your body into thinking that it’s daytime, preventing you from having a restful sleep. Conversely, some people might feel anxious when the room is pitch black. A mattress that gives you the right amount of light can improve your sleep and make you feel ready for a good rest.

7. Smart Reaction to Snoring

Your partner’s incessant snoring at night can be a major reason why you should update your mattress at home. It’s because there now exists a mattress that helps to regulate snoring. This can be your perfect ally whenever your partner uncontrollably starts with their earthshaking snore. What the mattress does is elevating the snorer’s head or adjusting their body position to stop the snoring. With a snore-busting mattress, you can feel assured to have a better relationship to go with a better sleep.

8. Light as Air while Providing Firm Support

Light as Air

Uratex Orthocare Bliss
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

The best mattress for back pain and better support must have the technology to reduce aches by helping align and alleviate the body’s key pressure points. Thanks to sleep science technology, this mattress has become a reality. Composed of natural latex foam, an advanced set of mattress in the Philippines is able to provide great support while you’re sleeping. These high-quality foams distribute equal and even pressure to provide relaxing comfort to any slumberer.

9. Tracks the Sleeping Pattern of Your Kids

Sleeping Pattern

Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Many parents go over a lot of mattress reviews in search of the perfect bed foam not only for themselves but also for their kids. Many parents are concerned about their kids’ sleep quality because they understand that sleeping is vital for cognitive and physical development. A mattress specially designed for kids and one that comes with a dedicated application can help parents in establishing ideal sleeping patterns for their wee ones. This kind of mattress dispenses the need for any monitoring device worn by the child. The mattress is the device in itself, allowing the child and the parent to come up with the best sleep schedule.

10. Wired to Your Active Lifestyle

What to consider when buying mattress for your active lifestyle? A mattress that comes with a fitness tracker that suggests the best setting for you. Let’s say you had an intense workout in the morning. With this information, the fitness tracker linked to the mattress will suggest what time you should sleep to recover from your aching muscles. This functionality is also great in analyzing what time you should sleep and leave for work based on weather and traffic reports. Indeed, it is a modern mattress that complements the modern life.

With these innovative and smart features of high-tech mattresses, the possibility of having a perfect sleep each night is no longer a distant dream. Consider these features when buying a mattress in the Philippines, so you’ll be on track in choosing the best one for your general and specific needs.