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No Biting! 11 Ways to Ensure a Bedbug-free Bedroom

bed mattress bedbug Does it bother you that you feel extreme itchiness every time you sleep or lie down on your bed mattress, waking you up in the middle of the night? Is there a weird scent that lingers in your room? Bad news, dear child, because you might be infested with bedbugs!

These crawlies are hard to kill because they move quickly and consume their prey’s blood as quickly as well. Although hard to spot and kill, we can still exterminate them from our rooms and our lives! We’ve listed # ways to make sure that you’ll have a bedbug-free bedroom.

How to Detect Bedbugs

  1. Start off by looking for bedbugs on box springs, mattresses, bed frames, tufts, folds, and buttons. Also, never forget to look for them in other parts like furniture, behind wall papers, clocks, picture frames, cracks in wood floor and walls. Also, cleaning your carpet should help you find them. .
  2. If you have traveled lately, never forget to check your luggage and bags because they might have “inhabited” there while you were on vacation.
  3. To know that bedbugs are present in your area, check the mentioned places for dark blood spots. These dark blood spots are excreted by bed bugs while feeding. It is mostly composed of digested blood.
  4. Cast skins and fecal spots under sheets and mattresses are also hints of their presence.
  5. There are also dogs specially trained to sniff out bedbugs. These dogs can help you in detecting the possible location of bedbugs’ nest.

bed mattress bedbug attackExterminating these Blood-Suckers

  1. Do not automatically resort to spraying insecticides! The chemicals mixed in them do not help since they do not really affect bedbugs.
  2. Use steam cleaner on wall and floor cracks, furniture, mattresses, and carpets. An hour of exposure to high heat can help eliminate most infestations. You may also sun dry the infested mattress, furniture, or carpet. This is becaue bedbugs are actually sensitive to heat. They can’t stand temperatures above 111 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit (about 43.89 to 45 degree Celsius).
  3. Funnily, bedbugs cannot also stand low temperatures (32 – 48 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 – 8.89 degrees Celsius) for long periods of time (from 30 to 50 days). Exposing them to low temperature can eradicate the infestation too.
  4. Never forget to vacuum anything you can from mattresses to floor and wall cracks, because it can help in removing the infestation in your room.

bed mattress bedbug exterminationFurther Prevention

  1. If you have arrived from a trip, it is best to wash your clothes, both clean and dirty, in hot water. Also sun dry or steam clean your luggage, just to make sure that there are no bedbugs in them.
  2. Always clean your bedroom! Although bedbugs are not discriminatory when it comes to living in a clean or dirty room, having a clutter-free room makes cleaning so much easier! Thus, it’ll be easier to detect bedbugs.

With a bedbug-free mattress comes a deep sleep, especially when you use Uratex mattresses! So if you’re itching, put your catching of zzz’s on hold and start killing these nuisances for the meantime.