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Foster a Blissful Married Life with These Four Bedroom Design Ideas

As newlyweds, one of the things that will keep you busy is designing the home you’ll be sharing with your partner. Working together to work on designs that both of you will love is a fun and exciting endeavor. Make sure you put extra attention to the one key area of your marital home – the bedroom. This part of the house ought to be a space where love and romance are encouraged, cultivated and celebrated. Explore bedroom design ideas that aim to help newlyweds enjoy their married life in a well-adjusted environment.


Romantic: Infuse a good dose of romance into your bedroom

Bedroom Design Good Dose of Romance

Photo courtesy of Zygimantas Trinka via Pexels

A romantic design theme is the natural choice for many newlyweds. This is a great option if you wish to turn your bedroom into a sensuous and relaxing place, providing you with a space to enjoy quality time together in an aesthetically appealing room. The key to creating a romantic vibe is by choosing rich colors, using luxurious materials like satin and lace, and opting for romantic furniture such as love seats and four-poster beds.

Lighting is integral to making a room sexier. Installing dimmers will do the trick, or you can simply place colored shades or red handkerchiefs over your lamps. Candles are also great for setting a romantic scene. Make sure you hang blinds or dark drapes both for privacy and for keeping the sunlight out whenever you and your partner decides to have a romantic time together during daytime.

Accessories can also do wonders for your bedroom. Up the romantic ambiance by placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on the nightstand. Hang photos and art that are meaningful to you. Keep a see-through glass container filled with mementos from your travels or special occasions spent together, or a pretty box full of the love letters you have written for each other. The idea is to fill your bedroom with objects that remind the two of you of your heartwarming love story, the amazing memories you have created together, and the many promising moments you will be sharing in the future.

Do not forget to give extra attention to the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom – your bed! Nothing spells romance more than a four-poster bed decked with dark, flowing curtains. Complete the package with a Uratex Deluxe Mattress that provides a balance of support and comfort with its high-quality medium-firm foam. This mattress provides pressure relief, and is great for newlyweds who will be getting busy on the bed.

You can go all out with your theme and choose the Premium Touch Romance mattress. Infused with an alluring combination of ylang-ylang, cinnamon, and ginseng scents, it will provide the perfect touch-up to your love nest. More than just making your bed a touch more amorous, this specialized mattress will also prove to be more resilient to excessive movement, owing to its double layers of Smart Reflex Pocket Spring System. Moreover, the advanced technology isolates body movement for a more restful sleep, perfect for when you are sharing the bed with another person!


Chic and modern: Go for function and minimalism so you can focus on what matters

Bedroom Design Function Minimalism

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Many newlyweds are young, and would prefer chic, modern designs. If you belong to this category, contemporary bedroom designs are your best bet. Bring in a leather bed base, a spacious built-in wardrobe, slick black or white modern furniture pieces, and a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall to keep you entertained while you share breakfast in bed.

In putting together modern interiors, you can rely on the foundations put forward by the forefathers of modernism, including Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright. These modernists believed that a home, and your bedroom for that matter, should be functional. Everything that you have within your interiors should have a purpose, the decorations included. As Le Corbuser puts it, “House is a machine for living.” Modern design focuses on function, clean shapes and lines, as well as natural and architectural elements for decoration. For example, you can use natural and architectural elements like a bare concrete wall, wood floors, and shelves as your primary decoration. You can add appealing accents of bright purple (or your choice of vibrant color) on your bedding, artwork, and rug, along with the cleaner color of white furniture, shelves and vase. You can also use natural light and simple and functional decors like vases and books. Modernist design also highlights cutting-edge technology. For one, you may opt for the Edge Collection Mattress, which employs a unique technology that infuses the foam with antistatic features and activated charcoal, calming both the mind and the body. It uses an antistatic knitted fabric that prevents the accumulation of electrostatic currents and enhances comfort while you sleep. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed upon waking up.


Cool and Fun: Indulge the hipster in you!

Bedroom Design Hipster

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

As newlyweds, there’s a great chance you would not have much time to enjoy your life together as a couple without kids to worry about. Take the opportunity to have fun as much as you can before you start turning into the ultra-sensible people that you would have to be when you finally have your own children. Carry all the fun right through to your bedroom design. Embrace the cool hipster in you, and go for fun and hip colors, cool bean bags, and kitschy decors.

Hipsters generally have a distinct style that most people would consider as cool, creative and urban. They are urban, young middle class adults, and are known for rejecting consumerism and mainstream society in favor of a subculture that embraces critical thinking, obscure music, and green living. Adding hipster touches to your bedroom is a great way to express your personality. This distinct style is mostly characterized by effortlessly cool, creative, androgynous, and urban designs.

To create a hipster vibe, have a bookcase full of great literary works. The collection of classics will create an aura of depth and individual thinking. Make sure you add an ironic accessory in your bedroom. It should be something that clashes with the rest of the bedroom décor, or one blatantly out of context. And a hipster room is simply not complete without a kitschy item or two. This is the reason you would normally find hipsters shopping in thrift shops, vintage stores, and flea markets. The idea is to creatively mix the old with the new. An outdated record player, a retro couch, and a rotary dial telephone are popular vintage pieces for hipsters.

Being a cool and fun hipster is more than just about the style, it is about being able to move around freely without much restrictions. So keep your space comfortable by using fluffy pillows and opting for the Airlite Cool mattress, which is designed with Sleep Cool Technology. Known for its breathability, Airlite Cool uses an open-cell foam that allows air to flow freely, as well as a 3D Spacer fabric that leaves a refreshing feeling.

Add in a Boho-inspired duvet, and you’ve got yourself a quirky, urban vibe.


Luxurious: Create an air of luxury and elegance

Bedroom Design Luxury and Elegance

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

There’s a great chance you spent a couple of weeks at a luxurious suite during your honeymoon. Returning back to a bland, standard bedroom after being in the lap of luxury can be a real blow. You can continue enjoying the finer things in life by sprucing up your bedroom. Think classic furniture, plush carpets, crisp linens, and tasteful artwork.

Add a decadent feel to your room by going for a color palette with rich tones such as saturated grey and teal. The deep hues will lend a sense of luxury to your room. Gold and lemon tones paired with soft hues are great choices if you lean toward pastel colors. Make sure you add an eye-catching accent piece in your room to up the decadence and glamor. You can go for an Art Deco piece or full-length draperies, which help create a sense of height. Make sure they are of high quality fabric.

Make your bed the focal point. Turn it into a sleeping space that you would eagerly dive into. Pile on the pillows. Go for the large, fluffed ones. Do not settle for nothing less than high quality fabrics when shopping for linens and pillow cases. Moreover, opt for the Elegant Quilted Mattress from Uratex, which uses a high quality foam wrapped in thick, jacquard fabric. It also provides superb body support with its medium firm foam and minimizes body strains and pressure points. Enjoying the finer things in life does not have to be limited to your weeklong honeymoon. Create a space you could escape to if you crave for a touch of luxury.

Make sure you do not limit excitement and beautiful moments to the honeymoon period. Keep the life of comfort and appealing aesthetics going even after the honeymoon. Take extra effort to spruce up the one place the two of you will be spending a lot of time in – your bedroom!