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“BOO!” Unforgettably Freaky Bedroom Exorcisms in Films


The best mattresses are the ones most durable. And how best to test the durability of a mattress? Simple: sit an elephant atop it! The heaviest land animal is sure to present itself as a challenge, and make the most confident of foam designers tear in silence.

But the best test may also be challenged. For in Hollywood and its infinite collection of films can be seen another test against mattresses. Not many have recognized it, yet it is also such a simple thing: lay a spiritually disturbed lass upon the bed and perform a rite that expels the demons that plague her body, the act also known as “exorcism”. Not quite sold? Let’s relive the scenes…

The Exorcism of Emily Rose


Remember the sweet girl from the country that was possessed by wicked souls? That was dear Emily Rose, who began to be tormented a few months into her college life. And I’m not just talking about insomnia! Remember how she eerily kept up at 3 AM? The poor girl was literally toyed with as she often bended backwards or ate spiders off the walls. Basically anything the voices in her head made her do, she did. That girl suffered, until finally succumbing.

Her exorcism began on her bed, where she fought ferociously, mirroring the iconic scene from “The Exorcist”. You can pretty much say that she gave that mattress a beating. It then continued in their barn, where we shockingly discovered that she was possessed by six demons. Yikes.

If you were equally tormented by watching the film, then maybe you’re better off not knowing that her story was inspired by the true exorcism of Anneliese Michel.

The Exorcist


This is the classic. Remember the girl who was suddenly possessed and you didn’t know why? You weren’t even given a background, except the excavation earlier in the film and her mother passing by the church. Yet you still knew what you were getting yourself into—the title did give it away. It’s just that you were still paralyzed when the demon popped on the screen, and every single time the girl would lose it. Remember that disturbing run down the stairs? That scene has been giving people nightmares since 1973.

As unsettling as that part was, the most freakishly frightening of them all is the actual exorcism rite. The rising of the bed was only the start. Audiences reached their horror threshold when the girl began to fight, scream at the reverend, and shower him with the contents of her gut. And just when you thought you could breathe a sigh of relief, her head twists to a full 360 degrees. If you thought that bed was trembling due to the demon’s powers, think again. It was shaking scared, much like you were.

Sure, elephants and whales—if you can get hold of one—can challenge the strength and durability of the best mattresses. After all, they are the biggest of the animal kingdom. But think about the power of exorcisms, too. They not only challenge mattresses, they also test you. Be brave little one, or leave your nightlight on for the night.