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6 Great Books Born from Their Author’s Dreams

fairytale dreaming artwork

A lot of authors claim that some of their best ideas came to them while they’re taking a snooze on their favorite bed mattresses. And sceptical or no, you have to admit that many of them did produce some of the best reads you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Just take a look at some of the following books:


Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy

dante alighieri inferno art

Dante publicly claimed that his writings were dream-inspired. This made his works significantly appealing to the masses. As we can remember, The Divine Comedy described Dante’s travels descent to hell, his struggles through purgatory, and his journey towards heaven. Today, it’s widely considered as one of the most preeminent and greatest works in world literature.


Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde art

This classic masterpiece sprang right out of the author’s nightmare; it was said that Stevenson’s wife Fanny Stevenson actually tried waking up her husband from the terrible dream wherein he witnessed what would be the first transformation scene of his future book. Allegedly fuelled by copious amounts of cocaine, he finished the entire manuscript in an astounding ten days, starting from the moment he woke up from his bad dream.


Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight

Twilight art

A critically-acclaimed and worldwide smash hit, Twilight is one of the most popular dream-inspired books that ever hit the shelves of bookstores worldwide. According to the author, the birth of this global phenomenon happened when she woke up from an intense dream about two young lovers who were lying together in a meadow. Stephanie Meyer shared her dream to the world, generating one of the biggest young adult fiction novels there is. And not only did it became a successful book series, but it also became one of the top grossing movie series in Hollywood.


E.B White’s Stuart Little

stuart little

Beloved by kids and adults alike, this classic family-oriented story about a mouse was one of the most popular dream-inspired novels. Conceived while taking a snooze in a railway car, E.B. White described his dream wherein he sees a tiny boy who acted like a mouse, thus inspiring him to create Stuart Little. And although he didn’t transition from notes to novel immediately, his works nevertheless gained popularity when it was published a little over two decades later. Due to its success, the book was also adapted into a great film enjoyed by youngsters and their parents.


Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

jane eyre

Stemmed from a very detailed dream had by the author, Jane Eyre was Charlotte Brothe’s most beloved written masterpiece. And although her inspiration wasn’t merely on the dream alone, it was still a great factor that helped her give us this wonderful fictional character.


Stephen King’s Misery

Stephen King’s Misery

Coming from the King of Horror Fictions himself, Stephen King’s Misery is one his most prolific dream-inspired works of literature. In his dream, he envisioned a fan kidnapping her favorite author and holding him hostage, waking King up and goading him to write 40 to 50 pages immediately. Although the book itself deviated from King’s original dream, Misery nevertheless became one of its author’s best-selling books.


Who would’ve thought taking a trip to Dreamland could inspire writers to make such literary masterpieces? Yet as you can see above, it’s not such a far-fetched thing!

Dreams are the fountainhead through which our most potent imaginations flow, which is why stories taken from dreams and nightmares always seem more subjective and emotionally accurate and sublime than ordinary waking-life-inspired literature. Who knows? Maybe the best book yet to be published is still laying dormant somewhere out there!