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Brides Need Their Beauty Sleep Too

brideDecember not only marks the start of the season for Christmas, but also for weddings. Most engaged couples popularly choose this month for their big day, making brides extra busy with planning and giving them less time to sleep. According to SleepFoundation.Org, sleep affects how we look, feel, and react. Brides sleeping poorly not only leaves brides’ skin dull and lifeless, but it can equate to a short fuse in dealing with relatives, the entourage, and suppliers for the wedding preparation. In addition to this, it can spell disaster as it lowers the immune system which resulting to sickness or worse, weight gain. Not something ideal for the big day.

That is why it is essential for brides to get their beauty sleep. Finding it hard to sleep for the big day? Here are some tips to help brides sleep better:

Stick to a Bedtime Schedule
Maintaining a bedtime sleeping routine can be quite a challenge, especially brides are joggling schedules for work, family, and the wedding preparations. It is important to stick to this routine to develop a sleeping habit, making you more energized to be able to do all tasks.

Exercise in the Morning
Giving yourself 30 minutes or an hour’s worth of exercise can do wonders. Not only does it rejuvenates the body, it gives skin a certain glow, making brides look fresher and younger for their big day. Exercising in the morning preps the body to do more during the day, signaling the brain to fall asleep faster during night time. If your schedule can’t allow morning gym time, try to exercise 4 hours before sleeping time.

Avoid the Temptation for Caffeine and Alcohol
As much as possible, we advice you to cut back on stimulants or depressants at least four to eight hours before your sleeping time. Drinking coffee and tea should be done before 2:00pm. Cut back on alcohol in the mean time. These can disrupt you to sleep faster. Plus, it can contribute to gain weight.

Keep the Gadgets Away Before Bedtime
People usually use gadgets before bedtime to help them fall asleep. On the contrary, it stimulates the brain due to the light it emits, making you think it is still daytime. Plus, gadgets such as smart phones remind you about your wedding preparations that leaves you anxious, thinking about last-minute tasks and making it more difficult to fall asleep. The idea is to have a clear mind before you bedtime so you can fall asleep faster.

Drink a Glass of Water
Drinking a glass of water not only helps you replenish fluids but it also helps your body cool down. It also promotes good digestion that can improve weight loss.