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Why You Should Brush Your Teeth Before You Sleep

You’ve heard it before from your dentist as he drilled the cavity off your little brother’s tooth. His screams punctuate his point. ‘Brush your teeth,’ he stops and continues after telling your brother to rinse. ‘Twice a day, especially before you go to bed, or else it is your turn up here.’

No need to fear dentists if you brush your teeth after every meal

Love to eat but hate brushing your teeth?

There’s no way to go about it but heed the advice of your dentist. As you may already know, brushing your teeth cleans away plaque and food particles that could lead to tooth decay. In addition, it cleans away bacteria and makes your breath minty fresh.

But you may wonder why you have to brush your teeth after every meal, and most especially before you go to sleep – why not just in the morning and afternoon, that seems like the times you would need to have minty fresh breath and most likely the times that you would eat.

The truth is, the movement of your mouth and your tongue helps in cleaning your teeth. This is why some dentists recommend chewing gum because it acts like a little cloth wiping away food particles. During the day, while you chew or talk you are unknowingly buffing your teeth at the same time with your tongue and lips. When you go to sleep however, your mouth doesn’t move. Brushing your teeth at night makes sure that you cleaned away any sort of plaque, bacteria and food particles that may have built up and won’t be subjected to a routine wiping off by your tongue and lips.

Trust me, brushing your teeth is a treat compared to painful cavities and root canals.

Make it a habit, not a routine

No matter how tired you are, always remember to brush your teeth before you climb into your comfortable bed and soft pillows. And don’t forget to brush again after you’ve had your midnight snack! Of course, don’t end with brushing your teeth – you should complement brushing with flossing for those hard to reach places between your teeth. After all, oral health is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body.