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“BUSTED!” 10 Common Myths about Sleeplessness you Need to Unlearn


Did you mom ever told you that if don’t take naps, some monster with a sack would bag you and take you away? Sounds like a silly statement now that you’re all grown up, huh? Well, aside from this childhood memory, there are a lot more sleep myths that we perceive as fact, and they’re probably dictating our sleep pattern in more ways that we hope for. Say it ain’t so!

Don’t worry though – the sack monster won’t get you if you didn’t know about these myths before. After all, they make a lot more sense that the stories our mothers used to tell us. But now it’s time to get the facts straight! Right after we bust these 10 myths about sleeplessness, you should your best slumber in ages. Quick! Your precious foam awaits!

Everybody Needs 8 Hours of Slumber

Not all of us! Adolescents need at least two more hours worth of shut-eyes while newborn babies must enjoy a 16-hour slumber to grow healthy. And while most adults really need seven or eight hours of sleep daily to perform well during the day, some can thrive just as good with less.

You can Catch Up on Sleep during Weekends

No, you can’t! Oversleeping during the weekends after a sleepless week would restore you back to normal – for a short while. After that, you’ll find yourself performing at least ten times slower for the rest of the day, with increased chances for errors and accidents.

Four Hours of ZZZs will be Enough

Scientific research claims that only a small percentage of the world’s population carry a genetic trait that allows them to thrive perfectly even with only a couple of hours’ worth of shut-eye. Such a list would probably include the likes of hardcore gamers, people who’ve just discovered “Breaking Bad” for the first time, and about half the population of New York.

Afternoon Naps can Ruin your Nighttime Sleep

It doesn’t if you schedule it right. You just need to keep your naps short and the timing as far away from your night sleep as possible. Having siestas is often frowned upon by people when it could, in fact, be helpful.

Drinking Alcohol Makes you Sleepy

Yeah, it would, but just for one night. And even then you might find yourself waking up suddenly and unable to fall right back in. Your future nights would also be affected. Alcohol also has the tendency to increase your periods of light sleep while reducing the quality of that deep, restoring slumber you really need.

Exercising Causes Drowsiness

There’s no doubt that running a few laps and doing some sit-ups can be good for your body. But exercises should be done during the day, well away from your bedtime! Besides, physical activity during the night would exhilarate you, leaving you more restless than ever.

Snoring and Snoozing Make a Great Combination

You think? Not only is it annoying, but it’s dangerous as well! Snoring is often the result of a sleeping disorder that obstructs a sleeping person’s airways, disrupting breathing as a result. Unless treated, it might even lead to serious circulatory complications. And who knows anyone who can sleep with all that noise?

Taking Sleeping Pills is Safe

Drop that pill you’re holding! Recent study shows that while these prescribed drugs can help you doze off for a time, overuse can lead to more dangerous illnesses and even death. There is also the risk of depending on it too much, which would take a toll you psychologically.

Watching TV can Make you Sleepy

Switching on your television and looking for the most boring show won’t help you doze off. In fact, it can even make you even more restless than you were before. This is largely thanks to the bluish light emitting from the TV, which could slow down the production of melatonin (a sleep-triggering hormone) in your body.

Sleeping Less Makes you Thinner

You wish! Actually, lack of sleep would lead you to the opposite direction. People who lack sleep tend to overeat to compensate for the lost energy they would have gotten through a well-balanced slumber. The result is increased chance of overweight and obesity.