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Camp Outdoors And Still Be Comfortable

My relatives and I went camping near a lake last weekend and it was a whole a lot of fun! We set out with tents around a rustic camping area and being surrounded by nothing but greenery and fresh air really helped me appreciate nature. What I’d truly like to highlight though, is how we spent the night – no television, no air condition, and certainly no beds.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle

Sleep under the stars

With the stars shining brightly in the night sky, we applied mosquito repellent lotion and lit lanterns around the camping area. Of course, some of us laid down the classic Filipino banig inside the tents, while others laid down simple comforters to make sleeping more comfortable than just literally resting on the ground. But from the intense back pain that I experienced upon waking up, I now know that neither a straw mat nor a simple comforter would do the trick when you’re camping outdoors. No matter how thick your blanket is, the tough soil beneath you and not to mention those stones and twigs that you forgot to clear before setting up your tent will literally give you a hard time.

Out of your comfort zone

Of course, some people would say that the whole point of camping is to remove you from your comfort zone and experience the raw beauty of nature – untouched, unpredictable, and possibly, the un-matted ground? Well if they really want to lick the face of unbridled nature (figuratively, of course) they might as well not use a tent and just venture into the jungle, Bear Grylls-style. But if you’re someone who wants to appreciate nature but isn’t really the type to go on a jungle survival trip, who says that you can’t enjoy nature and be comfortable at the same time? Camping outdoors and having a relaxing sleep is certainly possible!

The Uratex Camper Mat

Who says you can't sleep under the stars and still be comfortable?

Remember those ineffective blankets, banigs, and comforters that my family and I used when we went camping? Well, I should have known better and brought a Uratex Camper Mat to our trip. It’s lightweight, durable, and like all Uratex products, made of the finest quality. Also, it is very convenient to bring along camping trips as it is easy to roll up and there are built-in straps so that you can strap it into place. Most people can’t imagine going without the luxuries of modern living, but with the Uratex Camper Mat, you can go and appreciate the beauty of nature without sacrificing the comfort of a high-quality mattress.