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Truth or Myth: Dreams can Influence Who You Are

Last night, you spent almost your entire dream walking on luxurious red carpets, glowing in a silver dress. Your royal attire is topped off by a magnificent, priceless tiara. It’s the kind of dream you’d want to last forever. You wake up in the morning and spend the rest of the day feeling like you’re an actual princess. Could that be true? Can your dreams affect you that way? Can you dreams influence who you are? Let’s find out if that’s true or not!

According to previous researches, dreams oftentimes have significant meanings, even if this issue is debatable to numerous scientists. For some people, their dreams are useful in a way that it helps them learn more about themselves. They claim that dreams bring them closer to their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. They say that dreams help them further understand their own behaviours, motives, and values.

DreamingSeveral people also consider some of their more concrete dreams to be a provider of solutions for their problems. Ask a group of artists, scientists, and writers on where they get their ideas from, and it’s not unlikely if you’ll get an answer like, “I got this particular idea from my dreams.” As for my first hand experience, there are also some things in my life that were made clearer by my dreams, but these are mostly about things that I need to do. An example would be a recent project that I wanted to work on for my ministry. My conscious pondering gave me nothing, but a night of useful dreaming eventually gave me an idea which I ended up using in my project. That’s how dreams work for me and for a few others as well.

The possibility of dreams is wide; it is not limited to how it can influence you. There are many testimonies where people claim that they can influence the overall happenings in their dreams. This is what they call Lucid Dreaming, wherein you are aware that you are dreaming while asleep and in the dream. One who is under this state while asleep can increase the capacity to affect the course of his/her dream. However, some professional dream workers suggest for dreamers to step back by enjoying and understanding their dreams instead of controlling them.

To answer our foremost question, it does not actually influence who you are or your personality. The personality in your dreams doesn’t extend to your personality in reality. Although, thanks to Lucid Dreams, the vice versa of our discussion is actually one area of dreams that we can further learn about. But essentially, dreams just serve as a way for us to understand who we are, and it just influences us in a way that we get ideas from it.