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Are You Capable of Sleeping Anywhere?

If you are, good for you since it is considered as a talent by many. And if you have this special ability to sleep anywhere, here are some of the perks that you can enjoy:

1.       You can have a power nap anytime, anywhere. That means it is easy for you to recharge and regain energy after tiring activities. It is also useful when you need more rest but simply don’t have enough time for a full sleep. You can even take a nap during short rides on buses and even on cabs.

In dire need of some shut eye? Make the most out of your coffee break or lunch break by taking a power nap.

2.       You can rest even in the noisiest places. Whether your family is holding a party overnight or your neighbor just won’t stop testing his newly-bought karaoke machine, you are exempted from the dilemma of being up all night and compromising your activities the next day. Noise, light and ruckus won’t stop you from sleeping like a baby!

Singing your heart out is fun, but not when it’s your neighbor bawling into the microphone and you’re trying to sleep.

3.       Unexpected occurrences won’t stop you from relaxing. Even if you are stranded at a bus station or airport, or just in an emergency, you can still have some rest that would allow you to recharge.

Take a cue from Tom Hanks and get some Zzz’s while stuck at the airport.

4.       You are less likely to worry during night parties. What if the party finishes so late that I can no longer get a cab home? Well, worry no more. Being able to sleep anywhere allows you to stay at a friend’s house and sleep even on their couch. It is also ideal if you are live far and getting home is a bit risky during the wee hours.

See? It is truly a talent that many people envy. However, this blessing also comes with some risk.

1. Being able to sleep anywhere could let you doze off even in risky places and situations. If you commute regularly and take routes that are not really safe, then it is not a good thing that you can fall asleep so easily. It can be dangerous to let your guard down and not pay attention to your surroundings.

2. You can miss a lot of things if you fall asleep too easily. Being able to sleep in the classroom despite your teacher’s voice and classmates’ murmurs for instance, may let you miss important points during class discussions. And yes, you may even be reprimanded if the teacher catches you sleeping.

As difficult as it may be, you shouldn’t sleep in class! You may miss out on an important lecture, not hear the tips for the exam or may even be scolded in class by your teacher.

3. Your comfort and position may be compromised if you sleep anywhere. Being able to sleep in the most unlikely places usually means that you sacrifice comfort and position. In return, you can get backaches, stiff neck, and other similar problems afterwards.