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How Often Should I Change My Bed Sheets?

There’s no magic number on how often you should change your bed sheets. But one thing’s for sure: a dirty sheet is a bacteria minefield.

Think of sweat, drool and (horror of horrors!) urine. Yes, accidents do happen at night, especially with children. Imagine sleeping on a bed that’s literally a breeding ground for germs and dust mites. Not a pretty picture, isn’t it? So, it’s good to change bed sheets even just once a week if you sleep in your pajamas. More so, if you don’t. 🙂

Here are some reasons why you should always change sheets at least once a week:

  • We shed dead skin cells as we sleep. Though we cannot see them, dust mites can. And these little bugs love it when they have plenty of it to feed on. Dust mites gnaw on dead skin cells and hair. If that isn’t gross enough, I don’t know what is!
  • Dust mites cause respiratory diseases. Those dust mites living off your dead skin cells cause asthma and allergies. Your medical condition should be a good enough reason for you to change bed sheets more often.
  • Dirty sheets (including dirty pillow cases) can cause acne. Consider this a part of your beauty regimen. Beddings in general, when soiled and kept for too long, harbor bacteria that irritate the skin. If you want to keep acne at bay, including those at your back (if you sleep in the nude), consider changing your bed sheets more frequently.
  • Clean bed sheets save your mattress from wear and tear. If you think you’re saving money from not putting your sheets in the laundry, think again. Dirty beddings, in general, shorten mattress life.  Better to have a couple of bed sheets handy than to fork out thousands of pesos for a new mattress.

It may seem like such a chore, but make it a weekly habit to change your bed sheets for a healthier, more restful sleep.

Some people change their bed sheets once a week; some even twice. But in Britain, a survey reveals that half a million Britons sleep on their beds without bothering to change their sheets at least once a month. So how many times a year do they wash their sheets? Are you ready for this? Three times a year.

Now, it’s not the same here in the Philippines (I sure hope not), but there are people I know who sleep ever so soundly without popping their dirty bed sheets in the laundry. Aside from being disgusting, remember that sleeping on soiled beddings can wreak havoc on your health.