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When Should You Change Your Blankets?

With hectic school and work schedules, I’m pretty sure all of us crave for one of the greatest luxuries out there: sleep. Some of us only get to have it for around five hours, certainly way below the recommended eight hours of rest. So each time we sleep, we have to make the most out of it.

You have to agree, it’s annoying to wake up in the middle of the night, with an itchy rash on your arm or being disturbed by an odd smell. You took a bath before climbing into bed, so the culprit must be your bed sheet or the cloth that your body’s rolled into — your blanket.

Generally, blankets and other bed linens should be changed weekly. This is to minimize intruders such as dust mites in your bed; these mites live off eating dead skin cells that fall out of our bodies. However, there are still people who should consider changing their sheets and blankets more often. Here are some factors that determine the ideal blanket changing frequency for you:

Depending On The Individual

There are some people who prefer to change sheets every other day, to a maximum of once a week, because the smell of a clean bed puts them at ease. Hence, they rest more properly.

As for kids (or for some adults too), there are nights when we have intense dreams leading us to sweat profusely. “Accidents” are bound to happen as well, as kids tend to urinate while they sleep. When these happen, blankets and sheets must be changed at once, so as not to trap the smell, dirt, and bacteria brought on by the sweat or urine.

With people who have sensitive medical conditions such as skin allergies or asthma, it is also only right to have clean blankets every other day. Changing your sheets and blankets is far more convenient and less expensive than having to go to a hospital due to an allergy or asthma attack.

Depending On The Activity

In most cases, it is appropriate to change your blankets if you’ve eaten on your bed (especially when you’ve eaten chips, nachos, and so on). Not all the crumbs will be visible, so it’s safer to just change the blankets right away. This will not only keep the mites away, but also ants and cockroaches. You wouldn’t want them to have a fiesta on your bed while you’re sleeping, that’s for sure.

Eating in bed is certainly a treat, but beware of crumbs and food particles that might attract inserts to your bed if you don't change your blanket and sheets.

When Your Pets Sleep With You

I know a lot of people who love their pets so much that they let them sleep on their beds. It is indeed very comforting to have your pet lie beside you or at your feet while sleeping, but make sure you change your sheets and blankets very frequently. Your pets may bathe everyday, but with playing in the yard, running all over the house, and socializing with other pets, at the end of the day you can’t be sure of what germs and bacteria they’ve picked up on their paws or coats. Changing blankets and sheets can save you from getting asthma (yes, late on-set of asthma is possible) and contracting germs from your lovable pets.

Change your sheets and blankets often as your pet may pick up a lot of dirt and germs during the day.

It still boils down to one thing: your bed is your sanctuary. It is only right that you keep it clean and fresh all the time. It is where you replenish yourself from a long day of work. You can opt to change your blankets and other linens weekly, as it is the normal rate. But if you encounter the situations that I have mentioned, better change your beddings more frequently to maintain the cleanliness of your bed.

Who wouldn’t want to have refreshing, uninterrupted sleep on a clean, comfortable bed? I do, and so should you.