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How to Choose Crib Mattresses for your Baby

Tucking Baby in CribBabies are one of the best gifts that come from the hand of God. They are angels from heaven. They should be taken great care of, for they are delicate and fragile. Unlike adults, babies are incapable of voicing out their thoughts and preferences. It is left to the parents to decide what is best for them. Every single detail that pertains to the baby’s life (e.g. food, diaper brand, lullaby song, etc) are dependent on the wisdom of the parents. That a baby needs a secure crib to sleep on is an obvious fact. But how can parents determine the most ideal crib mattress for the baby?

Numerous brands and styles in all sorts of shapes and sizes are all around the malls and internet. But do we really know which ones offer the most benefits? Here I have listed some things to consider when choosing a mattress for your baby:

  • Size

It is important that your choice of mattress fits the particular crib you own. An obvious gap between the dimensions of the crib and the mattress itself is dangerous as the baby could slip in between. It is a good fit if only one finger could squeeze in between the two.

  • Type of Mattress

-Foam Mattress (Weight, Firmness, Resiliency): The mattress’ weight indicates its density. The heavier a mattress is, the denser it is. And the denser the mattress, the higher quality it possesses.

Mattresses that are made with just the right amount of firmness are the best. Those that are too soft can cause back problems while ones that are too firm can cause your baby’s sleep to be uncomfortable. You can check it by pressing your hands in the middle of the opposite sides of the mattress. If you find the right amount of resistance while squeezing it, it means that that mattress is one way up to becoming your choice.

The ability of a mattress to regain its shape quickly means that it is resilient. The quicker it goes back to its original shape, the better.

-Innerspring Mattress: The primary concern that regards to this type of mattress is the number of its coils. Choose mattresses that have at least 150 coils. Don’t forget to consider its border coil. It is important to have a border coil for it serves as an additional edge support to the mattress. This will prevent babies from falling if they happen to step on the edge of the crib.

Choosing the best crib mattress

  • Mattress Cover

Triple laminated, nylon supported, and thick vinyl covers are the best characteristics of a good mattress cover. All these work together in order to prevent the tearing of the mattress.

  • Vents

This proposes both good and bad scenarios for your baby. It allows air to come out when your baby jumps as if he’s on a trampoline. However, the airborne particles that would leave the mattress could, if inhaled, make your child susceptible to diseases. So a mattress with this feature is best for parents with a behaved baby who doesn’t have a tendency to bounce.

Having an expensive mattress doesn’t mean that it is the best for your baby. One should have the abovementioned factors considered before buying a mattress. Remember, your baby will use it for a relatively long period of time. It is wise to acquire the best quality mattress that would provide maximum comfort and protection for your precious baby.