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How to Choose the Perfect Mattress for You

Just like most people, you will be spending a third of your life sleeping. It then makes complete sense that you spend considerable thought, time and money on deciding which mattress to buy. The right one can ensure you not only comfort but health as well. Explore your options with the following Uratex Classic Mattresses.

Mattress Choosing

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Edge Collection Mattress

Some people have trouble sleeping and staying asleep, and this may be due to a variety of reasons. Some tend to think too much, while others have sleeping conditions or disorders. There are those who are simply a little too stressed and their body is manifesting the tension. Aside from the usual work-related stress, there is a subtle stressor that you may not be aware of — the effects of static electricity.

Mattress Edge Collection

Static electricity is commonly produced by the friction of synthetic furnishings and by electrical equipment. The friction between furnishings often happens while you sleep. Sleeping near a nightshade or power chords can also expose your body to static electricity. So always be mindful of the kind of furnishings you use, as well as the location of your bed.

The human body has both positive and negative ions. They normally neutralize each other, but the balance between positive and negative charges can be disrupted by friction from the surroundings. Static friction from your bed, for one, can lead to anxiety, stress, and disruptive sleep. If you use beddings and a mattress that contain nylon, polyester, plastic and other static clings, then there is a good chance that you are exposing your body to static electricity while you sleep. Luckily, you will find mattresses designed specifically to counter the unwanted effects of static friction. A line of Uratex mattresses work to stabilize negative and positive charges to promote tension-free sleep. Called the Edge Collection, the line boasts an innovative edge in providing high quality and longer comfortable slumber.

The Edge Collection mattress is a groundbreaking product infused with activated charcoal, which is known to naturally rid your body of toxins. Charcoal provides higher absorption of sweat and prevents the production of mold for a more hygienic and refreshing slumber. Plus the mattress is wrapped in anti-static knitted fabric that prevents the buildup of electrostatic. It is also hypoallergenic, protecting you from allergic reactions. The mattress has a medium-firm feel to support your body while you sleep.

If you aim for a relaxing, tension-free sleep, the Edge Collection mattress is for you.

Nuovoluxe Mattress

What position do you like to sleep in: side, stomach, back or a little bit of each? People tend to sleep in their own, unique way. Each sleeping position has specific needs in terms of the mattress’ firmness level.

Mattress Nuovoluxe

People who sleep on their side do not always remain in the same position, constantly rotating from having both legs straight, to one bent and one straight, to both legs bent. Because of this constant change in position, side sleepers would be more comfortable with a plush to medium level of firmness. A plush mattress with ample support will relieve pressure points on both your neck and your back. The best type of mattress for side sleepers is the type that is soft enough to adjust to the curves of their body. A mattress that is too firm will not conform to the shape of the body, and will result to a lack of support that creates pressure points causing shoulder pain, neck pain, and/or lower back pain.

Support and firmness are both essential for back sleepers. A mattress that is too soft will not provide enough push back, causing pressure points on the sleeper. Moreover, without ample support from the bed, the sleeper’s spinal alignment will be off. This could lead to prolonged back problems. Hence, the ideal mattress firmness is the type that provides just the right softness and support to eliminate pressure points.

Those who like to sleep on their stomach need a mattress that provides ample support. The stomach sleepers’ torso applies the greatest pressure to the bed, making a mattress that offers equal support across the body essential. If a mattress is too soft, the sleeper’s mid section will sink at the middle, causing a curving of the spine. The result will be lower back pain and other problems. Stomach sleepers will fare best if they can lie on the mattress as flat as possible.

While different mattress types with varying firmness work for people’s specific sleeping position, there is one Uratex mattress that can work for everyone. It is an especially ideal option for people who are a bit of everything. The Nuovoluxe Mattress uses Nuovoluxe foam, which is designed to conform to the shape of your body for pressure relief. The mattress is highly resilient, and will adjust to your position. It is also wrapped in jacquard fabric for smooth finish.

Uratex Elan Trundle Bed

Mattress Elan

Most people who live in prime locations pay a premium in terms of space. This is especially true for urban dwelling. As thus, many people are getting wiser with how they design their interiors so they can make the most of the limited space. Many are finding dual purposes for each room, bringing the nursery into the main bedroom or combining the gym and guest room in one space, while others rely on accessories and furniture to maximize the space. If maximizing your space is your top priority while still retaining optimal level of comfort, the Uratex Elan Trundle Bed is your ideal option. Remarkable for its simple elegance, the Elan Trundle Bed beautifully combines style and function. Built with a wooden frame, high quality foam and jacquard fabric cover, the bed is sturdy and comfortable. Moreover, it has a pull-out bed that makes way for extra sleeping space. The bed is perfect for accommodating overnight guests. It will help you maximize your space without compromising your own comfort. The mattress’ medium-firm feel provides a balance of support and coziness, and the jacquard fabric ensures extra comfort.

Choose the right mattress for your specific needs. Make the third of your life you spend sleeping all worth it. A good night’s sleep with do wonders to your health!