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The Dummies’ Guide in Choosing Their Child’s First Bed Mattress

toddler sleeping in bed mattress

Now that your little angel is too big to sleep in a crib, time for you to get them a new bed. The question is, what type of bed mattress would suit them best? Bear in mind that this will be their first-ever bed; thus, it’s vital that you know more about certain types of mattresses. But don’t fret, dear readers! For your pleasure, we’ve listed down some tips when choosing your child’s first bedroom mattress. Read on below!


Size Matters!

Choose the correct size so your kid can have a safe and sound slumber. It’s advisable to use either twin or twin extra-long sizes, in any case, since they need as much space as they can. There are also times when you’d want to sleep next to them so it wouldn’t hurt to buy something a little bit bigger for theirs and your convenience. And it would be a wise choice to choose something that’ll last their wonder years, saving you time and money in buying new bed mattresses. Think of the long run and buy something that’ll really be useful for a long time!

Little child sleeping

Test it Out!

When choosing your child’s first bed mattress, be sure to bring along your youngster during the shopping. It’ll be great to let them try out the mattresses themselves in order to find the one they like most. Just make sure it’s allowed; a lot of furniture store prohibits sitting and lying down on their merchandise.


Don’t be a Cheapskate!

Hand me downs are a big no-no. Invest on your child’s mattress because their growth could depend on how well they sleep. It wouldn’t hurt to cash out a little, although this doesn’t entirely mean that the quality of mattresses should depend on its price. The higher the better is not always true, so remember to check the quality. Some cheap priced mattresses have high quality, too, you know. Take time to really look and meticulously search for a product worth your dime.

toddler sleeping in bed mattress 3

Know the Material Used!

Research more on the material used in beds, talk to the sales person, and ask friends and family.  Find out which mattresses have chemical-based materials which can cause possible health risks to your child. For starters, it would be best to choose mattresses made from natural resources like organic wool or organic cotton; silk, hemp and natural latex are also great and healthy for your kid.  In any case, in order for you to feel really secure, always read the packaging especially the manufacturer’s product description.


Be Mattress-centric!

Always remember that the mattress is what matters here, if it’s comfortable, sturdy and top notch. Usually some parents would indulge themselves in choosing decorative furniture rather than focusing on the mattress itself. Although it’s good to choose something pretty and suited for your child, bear in mind that comfort is more important than visual appeal when it comes to beds and mattresses.


Make Sure It’s Durable!

It’s only expected that you choose beds that are firm but not so rock-like that it’s uncomfortable. Many paediatricians even advise parents to get their kids firmer mattresses in order for their spine to grow well and healthy.

toddler sleeping in bed mattress 5

Choosing your child’s first mattress can sometime be an arduous task, particularly if you’re worried about your little tyke getting proper and a good night’s sleep. So you’d best invest in the bed mattress that would really help them enjoy catching those Zzz’s!