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How to Clean a Mattress Soaked in Flood

We don’t know when the fury of nature will strike next, but when it does, we can be rest assured that it’s gonna hit pretty darn hard. When this happens, flood will be one of our major problems. We won’t be able to have a good rest, especially if our beloved mattresses end up being soaked in flood. If you reside in an area where flooding is common or at least possible, then read further to have an idea on how to restore your drenched mattress.

Mattresses are usually made from foams that easily absorb liquid. So, a mattress constructed with such foam that becomes soaked in flood is quite a problem. If this happened, go to the nearest foam/mattress repair store. Ask how much it would cost if you let them repair your mattress. If the price is way lower than the cost of a brand new mattress, then go and hire them. But, if the price is much higher than you expect, then either try going to a different shop or consider purchasing a new mattress altogether. If ever buying a fresh mattress is not an option for you, then try to perform your own manual cleaning. Note: the following steps are to be done outdoors.

Bed Mattress Soaked in Flood

1) Position your mattress against wall to make it stand. Use some water hose to run tap water on it. While the water is running through the mattress, place some pressure on the foam to remove excess water. If the excess water coming out of the side of the mattress looks clean enough, turn the water hose off, flip the mattress to its other side and repeat the procedure.

2) Mix two sets of solutions: one should comprise of water and vinegar, while the other one should be a mix of water and alcohol. (The ratio for both solutions should be 3:1.) Spray them all over the mattress before leaving under direct sunlight for two hours. Use a fan to speed up the drying process. This will help kill the germs and prevent any unwanted mold to develop within your mattress. What’s awesome about all this is that those unwanted stains will be removed as well.

3) As soon as the mattress is all dried up, use some clean towels soaked in tap water to wipe the sides of the mattress. This helps to remove dust. Leave it again under the sun for a couple of hours before proceeding to the last step.

Take the mattress back inside your house and clean it with a dry towel before setting it up in your room. Cover it with some soft, comfy bed sheets. You can also spray some perfume on your mattress before you finally some bedding. Once you’ve paired your bed sheet with a matching pillow case and blanket, you are now ready for another night of restful sleep.